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Episode 913

How to Triage a Sale- Part 2: Episode 913


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How to Triage a Sale Part 2
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Episode 913 – How to Triage a Sale- Part 2

Today on the podcast, we have the second part of Mike’s training about how to triage a sale. This is such an essential part of sales. If you don’t understand how to properly set a framework of what your bid entails, what information you need from the prospective cleint, what information they’ll get from you and what the expectations are on either end, you aren’t going to be effective in resolving doubts, instilling confidence, and ultimately closing sales.

The first and most important thing you have to do is to set the framework. You can’t just going into a bid and let people show you the space you’ll be cleaning. That tells you nothing about hwo they are and what their needs are as a prospective client. Instead, tell them that before you see the physical space, you want to talk to them about the pain you’re going to solve.

Framing is an incredibly important part of selling. You want people to know going into the bid discussion that you are different than your average cleaning company. And as such, you have different processes and systems. These are to keep both you and your clients happy, but clients won’t always be familiar with them. That’s why it’s important to frame ahead of time that you are going in as a solution to their pain. And that if you aren’t a fit for each other, it makes sense not to move forward. Then, go forward with confidence knowing that you will find the clients who are the perfect fit.

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