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Episode 912

How to Triage a Sale: Episode 912


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How to Triage a Sale
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Episode 912 – How to Triage a Sale - Part 1

Today on the podcast, we have a workshop Mike did about how to close a sale when you give a bid. There are so many ways for someone to give you the run around. Telling you they need to think about. Telling you they need to talk to their partner or spouse about it. Someone saying it’s too expensive and that they can’t afford it. Etc. etc. But if you don’t have clear systems about how you close a bid, each excuse will trip you up. Mike shares ways to ensure that doesn’t happen and that you more successfully close the bids you want to close.

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s important to have a sales process that is efficient and effective. When it comes to residential cleaning services, the key is to make the offer and present the bill to the customer when they are most committed to solving a problem, rather than waiting for a follow-up call.

One key element of this process is to give the customer a taste of what they can expect right away. For example, if the customer is looking for a one-time deep clean or recurring cleaning services, you should be ready and able to provide an estimate and get the customer on the schedule right away. This way, the customer is fully committed to the service and there is no need for follow-up calls.

Another important aspect of this sales process is to not try and sell customers on services they don’t want. Instead, the focus should be on finding customers who are perfect prospects for the services being offered. This way, the customer will be more likely to sign up for the service and be satisfied with the results.

Finally, it’s important to have systems in place to make decisions when the salesperson is in the right mind and not under pressure. This can include having a set of pre-approved pricing options and a standard set of questions to ask during the sales call. By having these systems in place, the salesperson can make decisions quickly and efficiently, without feeling pressured to make a sale.


  1. “The key to successful sales is being clear and upfront about the specific problem you solve. Only engage with potential customers who have that problem.”
  2. “Don’t lower your standards in sales. Only work with customers who are a good fit for your product or service.”
  3. “Learn from your mistakes in sales and don’t repeat them. The standard should be to only make mistakes once.”

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