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Episode 636

How to Transition Out of Cleaning for Good! Episode 636


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Episode 636 – How to Transition Out of Cleaning for Good!

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today we have the lovely Melissa Berke. She is the owner of Polish Cleaning which she opened in March 2017. She does mostly residential cleaning but does a little bit of commercial cleaning. She has employees but still finds herself consistently in the field cleaning. Today we are going to talk about how to transition out of cleaning completely.

Melissa’s Top Question

When Melissa started her company it was just her cleaning for the first couple years. She realized that she needed employees to help her be able to get more clients. Now she doesn’t know how to stop cleaning because she worries that the work won’t be done well. So many cleaning company owners become “accidental entrepreneurs”. A lot of people have trouble transitioning out of cleaning because they feel that they are the only ones who can do the job properly. The truth is that owning, hiring, managing, etc is a completely different job description than cleaning. The first thing we like to talk about is the identity mindset. We want to figure out where your head’s at and how you view your skill sets.

How to Make the Mindset Change

If you want to get out of the cleaning role you need to switch your mindset from “I’m the best cleaner in the world” to “I own a business and I don’t clean”. Melissa believes that the biggest reason she can’t get out of cleaning is because she doesn’t know how to properly train her employees. The first thing we have to do is go from “my clients need me” to “my clients just want to feel good when they come home”. Once we change this mindset we need to focus on our customers wants and needs. What customers usually want is to save time and have a relaxed environment when they are home. When you do this you can shorten cleaning times and have the team focus on your clients top wants.

Tactical Tips

Most people think that it is about cleaning skill but it is about core values. My top tip is on core values. Our core values are “Make Money, Have Fun, Help Out”. Let’s say you attracted someone to your cleaning company and they were the worst cleaner ever. Even though they aren’t good at cleaning they can be trained because they match your core values. However, if you hire someone that can clean but no one likes working with them, and you constantly feel like you have to watch over them, it won’t be a good match. You cannot change who someone is but you can teach someone how to clean. My second tip is that once you find your core values, you need to trust your employees.

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