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Episode 768

How to Tell Yourself Empowering Stories About Hard Situations and Why it Matters: Episode 768


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Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have the privilege of having Mike and Tracey together. They are talking about the top issues they are seeing with clients right now. The market has changed a lot since the beginning of covid and even the middle of covid. It looks different now and they are going to be chatting about the best way to approach the current environment from a mindset perspective. And how to empower yourself in the thick of it by telling yourself better stories. Because if you can get your mindset right, the rest will fall into place for you.

An Ever-Changing Environment

When it comes to hiring, the market has been ever-changing since the beginning of covid. It looked very different at the beginning of covid than it did a year in than it did at the end of last year than it looks today. The beauty of having the right systems and processes in place is that they have worked throughout the entire debacle. And will continue to work no matter the current polical or social climate. The same can be said for the right mindset. If you are clear on how things work and how you want them to work for you, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around you. You’ll have the focus, the direction, and the motivation to look for solutions instead of wallowing in what could have/should have been.

The Need to Be Right in Your Wrongness

What Tracey and Mike hear a lot of is clients whining about how their situation is different. How they don’t understand how hard it is or how long they’ve been working at it or difficult it is to hire. But the truth is, at the end of all of that whining, they are still left with the same problems. Spinning in that negative mindset or telling yourself this woe is me story isn’t bringing you any closer to solutions. Tracey refers to this and ‘the need to be right in your wrongness’. And it can really keep you stuck and spinning your wheels.

Sometimes, It’s Hard to Move on From Our Old Stories

The truth is, when we finally decide we are ready to move on from the negative stories that are keeping us stuck, it’s not always a smooth transition. Oftentimes, there’s more behind the stories we’re telling ourselves than that we are just being negative or whiney or whatever appears on the surface. Oftentimes if we dig a little deeper, we see that there is some escapism happening, we are choosing to loop our negative thoughts rather than have to step into the unknown and risk failure or face our deeper fears about ourselves or our business. So when we are trying on a new, more positive story, it is important that we are patient with ourselves. That we understand and take into consideration that it might take a little bit for our brains to get used to and believe this new positive story about how we actually have all the knowledge we need to be able to hire effectively or whatever the new story may be. Being patient with ourselves can help make that transition an easier one.

When It’s Hard to Believe Your New Story

If you are still feeling stuck believing that new story, you first have to look at yourself. You can’t believe great things about anything else or anyone until you believe it about yourself. But for some, that can be a hard pill to swallow. They might be struggling with self-worth and believing they are capable of more. If that is you, Tracey recommends what she calls ‘borrowing’. Borrowing means pulling from a place in your life where you are a rockstar. Where you are the amazing version of yourself you want to be in other places in your life. And taking that confidence and letting it spark the confidence necessary to believe this new story about you.

Final Takeaway: Believing new, more empowering stories about hard situations in your business isn’t always easy or intuitive, but it’s worth doing the work to get there. 

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