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Episode 821

How to Take Your Culture to the Next Level: Episode 821


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Episode 821 – How to Take Your Culture to the Next Level: Episode 821

Welcome to the podcast Clean Nation! Today, we have the whole team together at a retreat with our clients in the Clean Profit Method, so we thought we’d get together and do a podcast about culture, how it has impacted us personally as a team working for Mike, and why it is so important as you are building out your own company. We have all had different jobs throughout the years with different cultures, and there are some things we are doing here at this job that has really made the difference for us wanting to stay and really give our best. Listen in to learn what those things are and how you can implement them into your own business!

What Makes the Culture Different at Grow My Cleaning Company

For each of us at Grow My Cleaning Company, the thing that makes the biggest difference in how we feel working here is that we don’t feel micromanaged. We each have distinct roles, so we’re each other’s bosses and we aren’t in competition with each other. We each help each other out to help the other succeed as well as the company as a whole. And because we are given the freedom to do our job in our own way, in our own time, we feel like we have the autonomy to do it well.

How You Can Start Changing Your Culture

Here at Grow My Cleaning Company, we get to know a lot of owners of cleaning companies. How they present themselves and come ready to solve their problems makes a big difference in how effective they are at getting them solved. For example, someone who comes to us totally chaotic and throws a bunch of unsolvable problems at us is less likely to get a clear answer than someone who has been able to categorize and prioritize their issues. When the issues are prioritized, we can start working on them one by one and find a solution that is more focused and effective.

Being a ‘Good Boss” Doesn’t Mean Solving Everyone’s Problems

Another thing our team sees our clients struggle with is that their employees are constantly pecking at them and asking them questions. They feel like they never get a break because they are always wearing the stress of the team. Something Tracey recommends if you’re having this issue is to start putting parameters around what you will and won’t do. If you have this problem, it is because you have shown your employees that you are indeed always available for them and so they continue to come to you for everything. It is you that taught them this behavior, and it is you that can teach them otherwise. Start by putting parameters around your time. Let them know that you will only answer your phone between certain hours and start to let them solve their own problems more often. This will empower them to be able to do more on their own. 

Final Takeaway: A positive culture is one where everyone has individual roles, you have clarity in what you need to improve, and you teach your employees to solve their own problems. 

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