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Episode 593

How to Take Time Off in 2021 and Let Your Cleaning Company Run Itself: Episode 593: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 593 – How to Take Time Off in 2021 and Let Your Cleaning Company Run Itself

So, it’s the end of the year and you are thinking about 2020 and realizing that life gave you a few curve balls. You worked day in and day out, but nothing seemed to change and you feel like you are the same place as you were when 2020 started. You had a goal to stop cleaning and run the business, but instead you are still cleaning. So how many more years are you planning on living like this? One, two, or maybe you can’t even come up with a date. Have you thought about this and broken down the life you want? Last but not least, how long do you expect your family to continue supporting your dreams if you never take the steps to change it? It’s time! It is time to start working smarter and not harder. Most people believe that if they just work more, everything will fall into place but that isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes we even trick ourselves into believing that next year will magically change simply because it’s time. In reality our business will only give back what we put into it. If you spend all of your time cleaning that will continue to be how you run your business. Then next year you will be looking back on 2021 wondering how your business didn’t change. Do you tell yourself that there are certain parts of your job only YOU can do? What if i told you that there ARE certain parts that only you can do but you AREN’T doing them. Those parts can be done from anywhere in the world and take far less than 40 hours/ week. They are the parts that will grow your business. Sometimes after feeling like nothing is changing, we believe that it’s time to give up hope. But it is not! You are so capable. The truth is there isn’t any magic sauce. It’s just the commitment to grow and be consistent, not work harder. The YOU that you have been can’t do it, but if you are COMMITTED to something different, a powerful you will emerge.

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