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Episode 1084

How to Successfully Transition Management Roles in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1084


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Episode 1084 – How to Successfully Transition Management Roles in Your Cleaning Company

Transitioning Away from a Manager

Transitioning roles within a business, especially when it involves easing out of a managerial position, can be daunting. Mike Campion offers valuable insights into this common concern.

Empathy in Business

Mike shares the story of Marie, who faced a similar situation with a manager she had a close personal relationship with. He emphasizes the importance of empathy while recognizing the changing needs of the business.

Managing Expectations

It’s crucial to align expectations with reality. Mike illustrates this by highlighting the need to acknowledge when a professional relationship no longer aligns with the business’s goals. This honesty is essential for both parties’ growth and success.

Implementing Practical Solutions

Mike provides actionable steps for easing out of managerial roles, such as hiring additional staff and utilizing answering services. He emphasizes simplicity and practicality in implementing these changes.

Addressing Concerns and Fears

Transitioning roles can evoke fears and concerns. Mike addresses these by encouraging a focus on practical solutions rather than worrying about every potential problem. He reassures listeners that support is available for navigating challenges.


Transitioning away from a managerial role may seem daunting, but with practical steps and a focus on aligning business needs with reality, it can be achieved smoothly. By embracing change and addressing concerns head-on, business owners can pave the way for growth and success.
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