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Episode 712

How to Stop Making Poor Time and Money Investments: Episode 712


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Episode 712 – How to Stop Making Poor Time and Money Investments

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today we have our in-house mindset Jedi- Tracey Thompson with us. Tracey is always such a treat to have on because she is really the backbone of our business. She is the one that really understands why we teach the things that we do, and why they work. It all comes back to the way you approach-aka think- about these things. WHen you get your mind right, everything else will fall into place. Today, we are going to talk about something we keep seeing our clients doing-making poor time and money investments. So we want to talk about How to make GOOD decisions on your time and money investments. We’ll talk about why, as usual, mindset is the first step towards getting more out of both your time and money!

How to Get Your Priorities Right When You’re Still Cleaning

Often, clients who are in our program will come to us and they’ll say, we want to get out of cleaning, but we feel like we’re spinning our wheels and we aren’t exactly sure what to do. And they’re spending all this time researching and wanting to get it right. What’s the best route for advertising, what’s the best method for hiring etc., but the truth is they’re just scared to take that next step. And it’s usually subconscious, but that’s what’s preventing them from moving forward. And it’s important to point out here that it’s necessary to have an understanding up both the systems that need to be put in place for your business to be successful (ie. what we teach in the “Clean Profit Method’) AND have your mindset right. This next step won’t go well without having both and using them to your advantage.

Once You Learn Something Then Do Something

As soon as you have something to work on- an epiphany,a system, a coach, or whatever it is- take action. When you stay in knowledge without action, it starts to work like cancer. It eats away at your confidence, which eats away at your competence. That loop will keep you stuck without any forward momentum.

How Do We Identify WHere We Should Be Investing Our Time and Our Money

Tracey teaches this exercise to our Clean Nation clients and we’re going to teach you here on the podcast. Sit down with two pieces of paper and write down all the things that you do for your company. That may currently be cleaning, hiring, finding clients, accounts payable, etc. Then, on the other page, put each one in order of the amount of money you would pay someone else to do that thing. And you start realizing how much of your time is spent in low value meaning if you wouldn’t pay someone more than $10 an hour that’s what it’s worth.

The Million Dollar Question

We are always asking this of our clients- what’s the thing your company could be doing that would bring the most value to your business? Usually, people respond with something about hiring or organizing the office. The real answer is- sales. The thing you can do to give the most value to your business is effective sales. Salespeople are often the highest paid people in a company. So that’s where you should really put your focus. When you do the hourly math on what that’s worth, you’ll start to realize how valuable it really is.

Final Takeaways:

Getting clear on where you should be putting your time and money will make the difference when it comes to really growing your business instead of staying stuck.

Want to know more about these tools and what you can do to get out of your own way and improve your mindset? Go to to listen to our FREE webinar or and book a call with one of our coaches. They will get you set up with all the tools, systems, and more to build the business you’ve always wanted.

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