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Episode 639

How to Stop Fear from Holding You Back in Your Business: Episode 639


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Episode 639 – How to Stop Fear from Holding You Back in Your Business

Hello Cleaning Nation! I am here with one of our mindset coaches, the lovely Suzanne Bandick. Today we are going to focus on the topic of fear and how it holds you back in your business.

How We Turn Fear into Excuses

We all have thoughts going through our minds 24/7 and often those thoughts are around fear. When we focus on fear instead of abundance, we create bad stories in our heads which will manifest itself in the real world. Now you might be saying “you just don’t understand” or “my circumstances are different”. Whenever you deal with “but” and have a lack mentality, you are playing to lose. You can come up with an endless amount of excuses but at the end of the day would you rather play to lose or play to win?

Switching to an Abundance Mentality

A lot of the time we ask ourselves “what if” questions. You can ask “what if” questions in two different ways. You can ask the question in a negative light or a positive light. Knowing and making the change between the two is the most powerful thing you can do when changing your mindset. An example of this is the idea of making an investment. You can ask yourself “what if this doesn’t work” or you can ask “what if it does work”. The first question brings fear into your situation and the second brings positivity into your situation.

The Basic Fear

The basic fear behind all of our excuses is the fear that we won’t succeed or we won’t be able to do it. What changes this is telling yourself “I can do this”. You can not move forward with a mindset of “I think I am going to fail” because you will fail.

It Can’t get Any Worse

One of the biggest catalysts for getting rid of fear is the thought of “well, it can’t get any worse”. When you are in a place where you aren’t willing to continue feeling the way you feel or living the way you are living, a switch goes off in your brain and says “let’s do this”.

Create a Vision

Be aware that you have a thought that isn’t serving you. Focus on changing that thought into something positive so you can move forward. We are consistently creating stories so focus on creating a story that serves you. Is this easy? No. However, it will get easier overtime. At the end of the day, the key is to see your goal and create it in your mind.

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