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Episode 1040

How to STOP Being Stuck and TAKE ACTION in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1040


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Episode 1040 – How to STOP Being Stuck and TAKE ACTION in Your Cleaning Company


In this episode of the podcast, Mike Campion, alongside the insightful Jenell Newell, explores a crucial aspect of business transformation. With a decade of experience, Mike emphasizes the need for cleaning company owners to move beyond passive podcast listening and take decisive action for meaningful change.

The Challenge of Stagnation:

Mike starts by addressing a common trend among podcast listeners – the tendency to love the content but not implement changes. Many express admiration for the podcast, yet their businesses remain stagnant. Mike traces the origins of the podcast, initially designed for fun and sharing insights, but with a crucial turning point when clients started seeking help.

The Call to Action:

The central message is clear: if you want different results, take action. Mike highlights the stark reality that, despite having tens of thousands of listeners, only a fraction actively reach out for help. The solution? A simple call to action. Reach out and seek assistance, but the challenge lies in overcoming the inertia that keeps many business owners stuck.

Making Irrevocable Decisions:

Jenell Newell joins the conversation, shedding light on the importance of commitment and decisiveness. The discussion revolves around making irrevocable decisions – choosing to commit to change and being the “pig” in the commitment, as opposed to merely being involved like the “hen.”

The Power of Tenacity:

Mike and Jenell stress the significance of tenacity. While not the most glamorous trait, it is often the defining factor in successful transformations. The willingness to be persistent, to try new things even when uncomfortable, and to be committed to the desired change sets successful entrepreneurs apart.

Overcoming Challenges:

The conversation touches on the discomfort associated with change – the fear of the unknown, the hesitancy to hire, and the reluctance to let go of certain tasks. Jenell encourages a willingness to get messy, try new approaches, and not expect perfection from the outset.

Taking Imperfect Action:

Mike advocates for taking imperfect action. The duo emphasizes that success often lies in embracing the tedious, boring, and challenging aspects of change. Making a decision is the first step, but consistently taking action, even when it seems unexciting, is the true key to success.


The podcast concludes with a resounding call to action. The challenge for cleaning company owners is clear – decide what you want, be tenacious in your pursuit, and take meaningful action. Whether it’s hiring, pricing strategies, or other business improvements, making irrevocable decisions and persisting through challenges will set the stage for transformative results.
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