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Episode 042

How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business: Episode 042: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 042 – How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Janitorial Company Hiring
Welcome to today’s show, where our host Mike Campion brings the heat on janitorial company hiring with Todd Vaccarello from West Coast Commercial Cleaning­

If you have ever had problems with hiring for your janitorial/ cleaning company, feel like there are no good people out there or that your employees do nothing but bring you grief, today’s episode is going to be a cool oasis to your ears (is that even a thing?).

Mike jumps in fast with some talk on how to know when to promote from within and how to look outside for help as well as compensation for employees

BONUS LOVIN: You can’t make $100K/ year doing ten dollar an hour work

HINT: Cleaning is ten dollar an hour work

Mike reveals the two things you need to know when hiring or even promoting an employee- listen in lockdown hiring for your cleaning company already!

With all of that fun stuff out, Mike moves on to culture and Core Values and how these lay the foundation for everything in your business. When done right, they attract not only the best employees, but the best customers! Without a clearly defined, well communicated set of Core Values, your janitorial company gets even harder.

Listen in and discover what you can implement in your cleaning company to allow average employees to do amazing work and STOP stressing you out.

Next Mike shares the best thing you can do to not only keep employees, but keep them doing their absolute BEST work for your company- and it is totally FREE.

Finally Mike talks about all sorts of not fun things that happen when your employees don’t know and/ or don’t follow/ live by YOUR Core Values. Once that little bit of nastiness is covered, he turns the corner and hands you the keys to the kingdom when it comes to getting employees up to speed and running your company so you can take work on the important things the owner needs to be working on as opposed to paying bills, cleaning toilets and fixing vacuums.

AHA MOMENT: You can also use that to… GASP- take a vacation!!

There are of course some pretty major pitfalls owners of cleaning companies run into when they do turn over that responsibility to their staff, but fear not, Mike loads you up with everything you need to know to be able to pull it off and let your employees show off their full potential!

SHAMELESS TEASE: Mike shares what a KPI is and how they can set you free

As is our custom on the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast, Mike turns the mic (wordplay) over to Todd so he can share some of his knowledge with Cleaning Nation in the Lightening Round. Here is what he shares:

Keep the focus you had when you started
Don’t turn employees loose without the right training
You just can’t make everyone happy
RESOURCE ALERT: Want more on how to build a successful cleaning company? Check out THIS episode on just that!

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