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Episode 629

How to Show Up in Your Cleaning Business the Right Way: Episode 629


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Episode 629 – How to Show Up in Your Cleaning Business the Right Way

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today we have the lovely Renee Kraus. Renee started Renee’s Cleaning Service in 2013 and serves residential clients. She is one of our Next Level clients and she is doing absolutely amazing. We are going to talk about how to show up in your business the right way and Renee is going to share her top tips with you as well.

How did Renee get into the Cleaning Business?

Renee was in the hospitality industry for 20 years and it was fine when her daughter was little but when she started to go to school it was very difficult for Renee to do everything at once. She decided to make a career change and became a health inspector. However, she found it very hard to find a job because there was a recession. She started thinking about all of the things she had done and knew she needed to find a better life. She woke up one morning thinking about cleaning. She asked her father, who owned a landscaping company, if he knew anyone in the cleaning industry that could teach her some things. He immediately connected her with someone who owned a cleaning business. He said he would teach her as long as she promised that she wouldn’t take any of his customers. He helped her get her first customer and she worked by herself for three years.

Renee’s Journey in the Program

When Renee decided that she was ready to hire people she applied for our program. Unfortunately she wasn’t quite ready to enter the program. She was sad but had the perfect attitude about it, and after taking a few more steps in her business she applied again and got in! After getting into the program and experiencing it, she knew that that was the right journey and decision for her success.

How the Hiring Process went for Renee

Renee had a lot of experience in the hospitality industry with hiring but quickly realized that hiring someone for a cleaning company was a different system. Instead of trying to use the same systems she used in the hospitality industry, she decided to change and learn new processes. At the end of the Elite program a light bulb came on for Renee. Her light bulb was realizing that her business moved a lot smoother when she wasn’t cleaning. She started a cleaning business to spend more time with her daughter and serve the community. This is when she went fully into the hiring process.

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