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Episode 783

How to Show Up Creatively in Your Business: Episode 783


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Episode 783 –How to Show Up Creatively in Your Business

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Jackson Pinkoski chatting with Tracey. They are talking about something we don’t talk about super often, which is creative ways to show up in the best way possible to those looking for you. Increase your professionalism, increase your visibility, increase your likability.

Take Advantage of Google Business

Google My Business is a great resource you can use for free to get more visibility on your website. It also is a great way to look like a more legitimate, professional business. You can put your logo up, create a description of your company, and create a place where people can easily search and find your business. Also, the more human you appear on your page, the more engaging you are, the more likely people are to like, know and trust you and ultimately give you their business.

Make Your Profile Fit the Culture of Your Company

Rather than just creating a run-of-the-mill business profile on Google My Business, what if you added things like photos of company parties you have, events going on, goofy photos of your employees. Something that shows you are humans having fun and connecting. Stepping outside the norm in these scenarios will really make you stand out.

Focus on Your Niche

Even when it comes to commercial cleaning, there is a level of professionalism that needs to exist, but even doing things like posting photos that show that you are a local cleaner can really help. For example, if you live somewhere with a recognizable skyline, post photos of that skyline on your website so people know exactly where you are and where you service.

Think Outside the Box By Creating Content

Just because you’re a business, doesn’t mean you can’t create fun, engaging content that has to do with other things besides cleaning. The idea is to engage people and get them to see you’re more than a broom and a mop. You can create videos for your website. Another great option is to create a video that is embedded in an email when someone applies for your job. A place for them to see what you and your company is about and to set yourself apart from others. 

Final Takeaway: Think outside the box, be creative, and make your business stand out. 

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