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Episode 640

How to Shift Your Mindset to Overcome Your Business Challenges: Episode 640


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Episode 640 – How to Shift Your Mindset to Overcome Your Business Challenges

Hello Clean Nation! Today our mindset coach, Tracey is going to be speaking with Katie on mindset and growing confidence in yourself. Katie started Apple Pie Maids Cleaning ten years ago when she was in college.

Who is Katie?

When Katie first started her business, she kind of pushed aside really diving into her numbers. She figured that she could figure them out at the end of the quarter or rely on a bookkeeper to do it for her. She realized that she never really figured out what her profit margins should be or how much to charge for her service.

Katie’s Biggest Challenge

Katie feels like even though she has taken steps to focus more on her numbers, she struggles to be consistent with it. She is also struggling with cleaning up her numbers from the first few years in business. Katie would much rather pass on the numbers to someone else because she gets easily distracted from that task. A lot of this stems from the fact that she just doesn’t enjoy bookkeeping. Most of the time when we don’t enjoy doing something, we will find ourselves easily distracted and searching for anything else to do except for that.

Making a Mindset Shift

People oftentimes like to come up with excuses in their minds about why they can’t do something. In Katie’s case she likes to tell herself that she should wait until her account is there or focus on something else in the business. When we tell ourselves negative stories we can start to feel down on ourselves and want to quit. A way to change this mindset is to be nice to ourselves. By shifting the way we feel we can become more empowered to try new things. If you struggle to come up with compliments for yourself, think back to a time where you were in your BEST place. Take these memories and compliment yourself. After this, text your friends and family and ask them to give you three things that they see in you. Take those words and adopt them into your life. By doing this we become our highest and best versions of ourselves. When we sit down to do something different we will automatically feel better about it.

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