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Episode 1004

How to SHIFT your Focus from Gap to GAIN - Part One: Episode 1004


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Episode 1004
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Episode 1004 – How to SHIFT your Focus from Gap to GAIN - Part One


Welcome to Part One of a two part post. In this post, we’ll summarize the first half of an engaging conversation between Mike Campion and Suzanne Bandick, two seasoned coaches in the cleaning industry. Their discussion centers around a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of business growth and personal fulfillment: shifting focus from the “gap” to the “gain.”

The Power of Focus:

Mike Campion and Suzanne Bandick start off the podcast by highlighting the importance of focus in growing a cleaning company and experiencing personal satisfaction. They emphasize that focus is not just about directing attention but has the power to shape the trajectory of both business and personal experiences. Mike points out that there are two aspects to consider: objective (real-world metrics like revenue and profit) and subjective (how you feel about your business and life). While both aspects are interconnected, the subjective aspect holds greater significance. It’s better to run a smaller, passion-driven business with joy than to be a wealthy but unhappy entrepreneur.

Introducing the "Gap" and the "Gain":

Suzanne introduces a concept from the book “The Gap and the Gain” by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. The “gap” represents the disparity between where you are and where you want to be, often leading to negative emotions like anxiety and frustration. On the other hand, the “gain” involves looking back at how far you’ve come and the progress you’ve achieved. This perspective breeds self-love, confidence, and positivity. Mike candidly acknowledges that his initial reaction was to dismiss the “gain” as mere feel-good advice. However, Suzanne helps him see that focusing on the “gain” is not about temporary motivation but a strategic shift in perspective that can positively impact results.

The Shift from Gap to Gain:

The conversation delves into how to shift focus from the negative “gap” to the positive “gain.” Suzanne outlines three practical steps to cultivate this shift:

  1. Celebrate Daily Wins: Write down three successes you’ve had each day, no matter how small. This exercise shifts focus to present accomplishments and fosters a habit of acknowledging progress.
  2. Stay Present: Concentrate on the achievements of the day rather than fixating on past failures or future uncertainties. This approach reinforces a constructive mindset.
  3. Change the Narrative: Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations based on your achievements. This mental shift helps build confidence and counteracts the impulse to focus on perceived shortcomings.


In this first part of the podcast summary, we’ve explored the fundamental concept of shifting focus from the “gap” to the “gain.” By celebrating daily wins and embracing a positive perspective, entrepreneurs can break free from the cycle of self-doubt and negativity. Stay tuned for part two!
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