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Episode 825

How to Set Yourself Up For Success During the Bidding Process Part 2: Episode 825


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Episode 825 – How to Set Yourself Up For Success During the Bidding Process Part 2: Episode 825

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today, we have another episode of Mike teaching techniques at our live event. On this one, he is going to coach on how to handle a potential client who is being a little more difficult and how to feel them out and see if it is a right fit for you and for them. These are skills that can be so helpful when it comes to finding clients who line up with your core values. Hope you find lots of value in it!

Be Real and Up Front with Potential Clients

One thing cleaning businesses typically spend way too much time doing is trying to work or potentially work for every cleaning opportunity that comes along, whether it is a big fat pain or not. What Mike is teaching in this section is that you have the right to be particular and feel out a client to see if they have a problem that you can solve, or if they are just wasting your time. For example, they might call up and ask for a bid. And let you know that it’s that time of year when they get bids, so that’s what they are doing now without any kind of real commitment to hire you or any direct communication that they want to do so. By getting them to answer what it is they want from you, you can feel them out to see if it’s even worth your time to come out and price them.

Make Sure the Decision Maker is Involved

When it comes to committing to come out to do the bid, it is essential that, on their end, they commit to having the decision-maker there. Most of the time, the person calling you ( if it’s commercial) isn’t going to be the decision-maker. So when you’re talking to them, you want to be really clear that that is a requirement for you before you’ll come out to do the bid. Because you aren’t interested in wasting their time or your time. And if you push and be honest with them about what needs to happen, generally, you can get them to open up more about what their situation is and do get the right people there.

Make Sure You Are Asserting Authority

Another part of the equation to doing calls effectively is to make sure that you are asking to be on an equal playing field with the person hiring you. If they are being difficult on the call and are trying to talk down or assume your role as their vender, there’s no reason to let them do that. You deserve their respect, and they deserve yours. And for you to have a mutually beneficial working relationship, that HAS to be there. In this scenario, if they hit, you can hit back in a way that is tactful and professional while still letting them know what your expectations are. 

Final Takeaway: When taking calls, be honest, commit to the decision-maker, and make sure you assert authority so you are all on the same page. 

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