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Episode 824

How to Set Yourself Up for Success During the Bidding Process: Episode 824


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Episode 824 –How to Set Yourself Up for Success During the Bidding Process: Episode 824

Welcome to the podcast! Today, we have a special episode. Last week, we had our in-person event with our next-level and millionaire mastermind clients. One of the best parts about this retreat is when Mike roleplays with our clients about finding success in different parts of their business. Listen in as he roleplays with someone about how to take a call with someone looking for residential cleaning.

The Energy to Bring Into a Call

When it comes to taking calls with potential clients, you should show up in a way that reflects your personality. If you aren’t a stuffy, overly professional person, it isn’t necessary to show up that way. If you are more laid back, show up laid back. Getting the person to engage with your a little bit rather than being really impersonal is going to make the difference when it comes to who they want to hire. You don’t have to act like someone you’re not, but make sure you act like who you ARE and own it. Getting them to chat with you a bit helps them feel like you’re on their side and ready to solve their pain.

Questions to Ask on Your Initial Call

Once you have gotten through the initial niceties, it’s important that you ask them some questions upfront like whether or not they can commit 20 minutes of focused attention when you get there to place the bid. Next, you’ll want to ask them if they will be upfront with you about whether or not they want to use their services. Next, you want to ask them what they plan to do next after they get your bid, and lastly, get their permission to ask them a bunch of questions to better understand their specific needs. By asking these questions, they’ll know what to expect when you show up.

The Power of Making Them Feel Heard

The beauty of doing a bid thoroughly like this is how the potential client feels at the end of the process. If you have done your job right, they feel like you really understand their needs and are confindent you can fulfill them exactly how they hope you will. Clients of ours commented during this role-playing session how when they did their bids this way, they had potential clients say they’d never felt so heard before in the bidding process. And that’s what made them say yes. 

Final Takeaway: Ask the right questions to set yourself up for a positive bidding process. 

Love the idea, but find it overwhelming? Want to learn the next steps like, what to actually say on the call? Jump on a call with one of our coaches and learn strategies on how to grow your cleaning company and start loving your job every day! Book here 

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