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Episode 888

How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals: Episode 888


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Episode 888 – How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals: Episode 888

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Andrea Price. Andrea originally started her cleaning business in 2018 and did apartment cleanings on her own for three years. After getting burned out from doing all the cleaning herself, she stopped and recently decided to get back into it but she wants to do things differently this time. Listen in as Mike coaches her on how to avoid the mistakes she made the first time around.

What Will Be Different?

The most important thing to know going into something for the second time is what you want to change. Andrea wants to focus on working on her business instead of getting lost in the thick of working on it. In order to do that, she needs to get really clear on what her short and long-term goals are. For her, a year from now, she’d like to be making 10k a month in profit, not revenue, something people often get confused about.

Reverse Engineer Your Goals

Once you know that you want to make 10k a month (or whatever your specific goal is) you times that by five, because after all the overhead you pay, you’re profit should be about 20% of total revenue. That means if your goal is to make 10k a month in profit, you’ll need to pull in 50k a month in total. To figure out how many clients that is, divide that number by the amount you’ll charge per customer, then divide that by twelve and that’s how many new clients you’ll need to acquire each month. It’s also helpful to take into consideration that you’ll likely need more than that as clients are likely to quit on you over the course of a year, but by reverse engineering your goals in this way, you’ll be right on track and can easily see if those goals are being met or not.

Make Decisions Based on Your End Goals

Andrea is trying to decide if it makes more sense to do residential or commercial cleaning. There are definitely pros and cons to each, but since she knows what she is trying to accomplish (have stability and stay out of cleaning) residential makes more sense for what she is trying to accomplish. Having those goals laid out clearly gives perspective and clarity and is essential for choosing your niche. 

Final Takeaway: If you are clear on what you are trying to accomplish from the get-go, you can make decisions based on those goals clearly and effectively. 

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