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Episode 699

How to Prioritize Amid Chaos in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 699


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Episode 699 – How to Prioritize Amid Chaos in Your Cleaning Company

Today we have Tracey, the head mindset coach in Grow My Cleaning Company, joined by Lindsay, talking about the little steps to set priorities in a cleaning business. Tracey has broken down the tricks and steps to grow a cleaning business seamlessly with discipline.

Addressing the Most Complicated Road Block in A Cleaning Company

Cleaning business is an industry in itself. It involves a plethora of aspects and attributes to focus on. There is a resounding chaos in this industry. From getting the right clients to hiring the right service personnel, setting up the pricing, and scheduling the tasks, every part of a cleaning business is a huge responsibility. However, for a cleaning entrepreneur, the most crucial yet complicated road block is prioritizing the tasks and sketching a plan that would be easy to execute.

Step by Step Guide on How to Prioritize Tasks in A Cleaning Company

On discussing the issue with Tracey, she came up with a thorough and step-by-step guide on how to prioritize tasks in a cleaning business to attain a seamless workflow.

Write Down the Priority

As the owner of a cleaning company, you should write down your priorities to set the goals for the week. So, you can keep yourself away from other distractions. It would help further if you write down why it’s your priority.

Make Time to Plan Out Tasks

Planning involves looking at your calendar and setting up a particular time every day, to work on your priority. You can make plans for a week and block time schedules assigned for your priorities. For a cleaning business, this time framing and planning can ease out a lot of tasks.

Consider Every Task As A Project

Tracey stated that any task in a cleaning business is like a project in itself with a series of tasks. Therefore, you need to determine the first thing you need to do. And you also need to check your daily progress to understand where you’re at in the project.

Figure Out What to Do Next

So, after you determine where you stand in the project, you have got your new focal point. The next thing is to figure out the very next step and proceed with it. An owner of a cleaning company needs to determine the steps ahead to understand how far he/she has solved the priority issue.

Find Out the Hidden Steps

According to Tracey, if you cannot accomplish your first step at that moment, it means this is not your first step. So, you need to trace the hidden steps to ultimately find out that very first step, which you can accomplish at that very moment.

Write The In-Between Steps Down and Proceed

After you figure out all the in-between steps, it is time to write them down. This will again help you to prioritize your primary steps. Then, start with your very first step and gradually proceed forward with the next steps.

The Final Takeaway

By setting the priorities in their cleaning business, entrepreneurs will have clarity on how to seamlessly schedule and run the tasks without hassle.

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