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Episode 661

How to Optimize Hiring Ads for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 661


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Episode 661 – How to Optimize Hiring Ads for Your Cleaning Company

Hello Cleaning Nation! Lindsay here with Grow My Cleaning Company and I am so excited to be here with Jackson and Jered, our ad gurus. We are going to talk about what to do when people are not responding to your ads.

How to Stand Out

Jered works with Facebook Ads and helps coach our Elite group. It is no secret that the market is difficult right now but mentally we can do a few things. We can either come up with a million excuses for how it isn’t working or we can try new things to solve the problem. At the end of the day, making excuses won’t solve your issues. There are jobs out there and people looking for them. Now, it may be a smaller pool but they are there and in order to solve the issue you need to stand out. If you base your hiring ad on everyone elses you will look just like everyone else which won’t serve you. Taking a step out of the typical ad will help you stand out and draw more applicants to you. For example, adding your core values into your ad will pull people in. If one of your core values is “fun” people who want to work for a company that is more lighthearted will come to you. Always remember that your headline can change. You don’t have to write it in stone.

How Long to Test Ads

When you are testing ads you need to focus on the types of people that are applying and how many applicants you are getting. If you have an ad that is getting a ton of clicks and no applications then there is something wrong with your ad. If you are having this issue it might be that your headline is great but your job description needs some work. If no one is clicking, chances are that your headline is not working. Jered recommends that you can find issues within the first two days. Jackson recommends that you can tell if your ad is lacking within seven days or thirty-five dollars. If it is working then you can up the spending on the ad and continue running it for about a month or until you get the right amount of hires.

Extra Tips to get People to Show Up

Followup and core values are huge when it comes to getting people to show up to the interview. Any fun perks that you do in your company will be a great adin when you write a job description. In our program we teach that hiring can be a huge tip suck when it comes to your business. Setting specific time up when you are going to hire shows the applicant that your time is valuable and will not be rescheduled. Between when the application applies and their interview time send reminders to the applicant.

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