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Episode 625

How to Navigate Being in Business with Your Spouse: Episode 625


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Episode 625 – How to Navigate Being in Business with Your Spouse

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today we have my lovely bride and the most beautiful woman, Nathalie on the podcast today. She comes on the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast every now and then because we know that a lot of cleaning business owners’ spouses and partners can relate to her. Oftentimes the spouse or partner has a part in the business and that can cause stress.

Being Involved in the Business all of the Time

When Grow My Cleaning Company first started, Nathalie was involved in every step of the growing process because it was just Mike and her. Then she moved into helping part time but this only lasted for a short time. Soon she got back full time into the business and this cycle repeated a few times. Now she is completely out of the business. She felt like she wasn’t very entrepreneur minded and more of a “worker bee”. Every company needs both to grow and survive.

How Mike and Nathalie Worked Through the Challenges

An important value for Mike and Nathalie was that their marriage always came first and the business second. Nathalie believed in Mike as a leader and that allowed them to have a smooth dynamic and give each other the roles they needed. But just like every married couple they had their ups and downs. In the end it came down to how they solved their issues. They also set boundaries when it came to business and quality time. An example is that at dinner time they had no phones. Sometimes this changed around but they always had time for business and time for each other.

How Mike Felt when Nathalie Transitioned Out

When Nathalie transitioned out the business it actually helped Mike a little bit because he felt like he was using Nathalie like a crutch. He also felt like it helped him think through things a little bit more because he was forced to be more independent.

Nathalie’s Journey in the Business

In the beginning Nathalie was super excited working on the business with Mike. It was a big learning curve because she had always been a “worker bee” and she wasn’t used to being an entrepreneur/business owner. She feels like she gained a lot of skills from it and that their marriage thrived. When they sold that business they started a new one. When this happened Nathalie took on a lot more and wasn’t really sure how to figure it out. This is when it became a little bit more unbalanced.

How Nathalie Transitioned Out of the Business

When she first started wanting to transition out of the business they found it hard to find someone who could do all of that work that she did. She was doing graphic design, accounting, clickfunnels, the events, etc. Most people have a specialty and they needed to find one person who could do all of Nathies tasks. Since they couldn’t find someone like that they hired six different people that could do each of those tasks.

Tips on How to Find the Right People

  1. The first tip to finding the right people is to find a distinction between how you feel and what you need.
  2. Be crystal clear on what that person does.
  3. Take time to find the right people.

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