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Episode 624

How to Narrow Down the Niche for Your Cleaning Business: Episode 624


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Episode 624 – How to Narrow Down the Niche for Your Cleaning Business

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today we have the lovely Daphne Birkel with us today. She started Clean My Salon in April 2019. An funny fact about Daphne is that her mom told her that her husband wasn’t going to like how horrible she was at cleaning and now she owns a cleaning company!

Why Daphne Started her Cleaning Company

Daphne was listening to the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast before she even started her cleaning business! She realized that she needed something that would support her family while her husband was in school. At the time she had three kids under the age of four so she was really trying to find a way to not only support her family but a way that would allow her to be present with them. She wanted to niche really quickly and chose salons because she had a little bit of experience in cosmetology and it was very easy for her to find out who the “decision maker” was.

Daphne's Struggle

After a while of working in the salon niche she is worried that she chose the wrong niche and she needs to change it. The first question to ask when you are looking for a niche is “Is there a massive amount of pain?”. The second question we ask is “Do they have the ability to pay?”. Daphne feels like not all of her clients feel the need to pay for the service and that worries her. The ability for her clients not to pay is not what is not the biggest issue. The biggest issue is the mindset that surrounds her with this issue. Salons generally have enough to pay for cleaning service because it is a very small margin of what they bring in. What she is saying is that they really don’t have enough pain to be interested in paying. We don’t want to find anyone who doesn’t have enough pain. But, this is only a small portion of salons. The third question we ask is “Is there enough of _____ to serve in my area?”. From there you can pick the businesses you really want to work with.

How to Solve her Problem.

When choosing any niche you need to be specific. Salons is a great niche but now she can be more specific with her clients. This is called finding a niche inside a niche. This allows her to choose salons with pain. Instead of finding a new niche Daphne can identify the right salons to choose as a client. A fun thing about owning a cleaning business is you can always add another niche! For example, if your niche is salons you can look for massage therapists, chiropractors, or nail salons. Don’t do this until you have ten percent of your ideal clients in the area in your first niche.

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