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Episode 061

How to Market My Cleaning Business: Episode 061: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 061 – How to Market My Cleaning Business

How to Market my Cleaning Business
In today’s episode, Mike talks with Dianna Valle from Honest Maids Clean Living Goodness About on How she will market her cleaning business!

*SPOILER ALERT* – There’s so many opportunities for people who have good personality! Are you one of them? Here’s the answer to “How to Market my Cleaning Business.”

Do you have a cleaning business but you don’t know how to approach your possible customers?

Don’t worry! WATCH THIS!

After watching, you will be part of the higher circle that has a good personality, and knows how to put that personality into good use!



Find out how Mike discuss that giving before serving is a good way to market your business!

Intro Quote: “For it is in Giving that We Receive.”

2ND: KNOW WHO YOUR CUSTOMERS REALLY ARE – Go where your target customers are! Whether it’s in a group, on the park, anywhere! Know their pain, know why your customers get up at night, And use that to introduce yourself and how your cleaning business can help!

3RD Key: Associations and Groups

SUPER FREE NINJA TIP: Always get on the board when you can! Most associations have a board with the president, vice etc. That’s how you will really get to know people because they will put a spotlight to you!

PERKS OF A NINJA: You might not know everybody, but everybody will know you!

Tactical Ideas

>Go to an area where you are demographically fit.

>Join the RIGHT Networks of People and Groups.

>Know your target market.

>Stick around, make a commitment.

>Be consistent and gain their trust!

BONUS: Things to know about associations, groups or leads: Do not expect to get a lead on day 1 or 2. COMMIT. You need to be Patient. You need to be consistent. Thing is, you just need to be there when they needed you. And when you do, say hello to your Customer!

EVENTS AND TRADE SHOWS > Find out how Mike turn your customer’s friends into another customer with just a cup of coffee or lunch!

Lightning Quotes! “Do not try to be everything to everybody.” “You need to invest in your business, and the only way to do it is to invest in YOURSELF!

Make sure you only have clean healthy products, Give value upon value.

Keep doing this, when the time comes, they won’t go to look somewhere but the customers will find you!

Inject curiosity to your customer’s mind.

Make them more interested, less bored.

Make your customers feel that you are here because you care, not for the bucks.

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