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Episode 136

How to Market a Cleaning Business: Episode 136: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 136 – How to Market a Cleaning Business

Wanna Know How to Market A Cleaning Business?
In today’s blog we discuss how to market a cleaning business . If you really want to dive deep into how to market a cleaning business, check out the podcast. Mike coaches Tyler Boufford owner of Cleaning Enforcers in Rochester, NY. Tyler started in the cleaning business with family and eventually branched out on his own. He also has a full time job and employees but still does some of the cleaning. Mike explains how to market a cleaning business to get out of doing the cleaning yourself.

Two Ways to Market a Cleaning Business
When marketing a cleaning business, you can focus on face to face selling or selling online. Face to face will have a higher closing ratio, will grow more quickly but can be harder to scale. If you focus on automation you will need far more leads as you will close a much smaller percentage of them. This can make your business start off more slowly but be able to grow or scale more quickly as well.

If you are a commercial cleaner you are going to tend to have fewer leads worth far more money. For that reason, face to face selling and a higher closing ratio is typically the way to go. With residential accounts they are far smaller and your potential lead pool is nearly endless. That means that you are going to need more customers to be profitable. More customers equals the need for more systems and automation.

The trick to marketing a business with automation is to make it feel personalized and NOT automated. Especially if you are competing with companies who use in person sales. A strong set of systems is what is going to make your automated marketing system feel personal.

You want to create a system of “touches” that are planned and scripted out but feel unplanned and natural to the customers. These touches can be made up of phone calls, emails, direct mail, newsletters, birthday cards- anything that builds a relationship with your customer and prospect.

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In addition to making your systems feel personal, you want to make the process as smooth as possible. Get your prospect to make small steps forward with as few barriers as possible. Because they can’t meet and talk with someone you will have to work twice as hard to earn their trust. You can do this with testimonials from clients (video is better than written), strong guarantees and indicators of trust such as interviews you have done on podcasts or radio, articles you have written- even local television appearances. You want to communicate as clearly as possible that you and your company are totally trustworthy.

Neither face to face or automated are the right answer for everyone. The trick is to pick one and be excellent at it. If you are going to do face to face- commit to an in person sales process. Don’t give bids over the phone or let people book online. Have an amazing sales process and training.

If you are going to go the automated route don’t do any bids in person and automate the entire system just like we laid it out in this post.

Before the podcast ends, Mike invites Tyler to share his knowledge in the…

Lightning Round:

Question #1- What is the best advice you have ever received?

“Just do it”

Q: What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?

“Focused too much on the cleaning, not running my business”

Q: What would you tell the ‘Build your cleaning business community’ that they could implement today?

“weather your face-to-face or systems-in-place know which one is right for you to help you reach your goals”
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