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Episode 002

How to market a cleaning business: Episode 002: Mike Campion LIVE


Episode 002 – How to market a cleaning business

How to Get Clients for a Cleaning Business
How to get clients for a cleaning business is a question for the ages. So many owners of cleaning companies want to grow, but have hit a ceiling. The way they got clients for their cleaning business to begin with either doesn’t work any more, it attracts the wrong customers or it worked well enough to get them to the level they are at, but not well enough to take them to the next level.

In this video podcast, Mike coaches Tyron Smith with Columbus Clean King on how to compete with the “big guys” and get his fair share of clients for his cleaning business.

Here is a quick overview of what we cover:

Big companies gobbling up the “little guys” and what to do about it
How to compete with those same “big guys”
Bigger is not always better- problems your competition may have that levels the playing field
How to compete with companies that are spending $2,000/ mo on web advertising alone
Marketing is only an expense when done wrong
The big guys have a client attraction (marketing) SYSTEM, they don’t just try one thing or another- they TEST
You need a dependable, repeatable, scalable, system to attract clients
Once you have this system and you know that a dollar in equals a couple of dollars out, you can scale and your marketing budget is INFINITE
Continue testing until you find out what works
Once you find something that works, add additional client attraction methods
Start with a Unique Selling Proposition (check out this webinar for some good lovin on USP’s HERE)
Why “going green” doesn’t work anymore
How and why Niche’s and specialization can make it easier to compete
How pain can get you more customers
How to virtually ELIMINATE competition
Tyron says
Start your own business- believe in yourself- start something from NOTHING
Make sure you have proper haul away services for jobs you do
Get the right materials when doing floors
Buy the best, do the best, give the best
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So now you know how to get clients for a cleaning business and a ton more!

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