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Episode 885

How to Make the Goal More Important Than the Fear: Episode 885


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Episode 885 – How to Make the Goal More Important Than the Fear: Episode 885

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Suzanne about what to do when facing obstacles in your business. If you’re a business owner, it’s not a matter of if but when you will encounter one obstacle or another. Listen in as Suzanne breaks down what you can do when this inevitably happens, and how to get past it intentionally and proactively.

What to do When You Have a Goal

To get past obstacles in your business, the first thing you need is to have a big, hairy, audacious goal that you are passionate about and excited about. If your goal doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning, you have the wrong goal. Step one is to create that goal. And don’t be afraid to make big goals on the chance that you might fail. But even if you do, you’re working towards something, growing and stretching yourself regardless, even if you don’t fully accomplish that goal. Once you’ve created that goal, create the expectation that things won’t go perfectly with your goal, but it is still a goal worth having.

Creating Beliefs to Support You in That Goal

If we perceive a reality and that reality does not serve us, why would we want to keep it? Instead, it can be so powerful to focus on beliefs that serve us and get us closer to being able to accomplish our goals. And let’s be careful about our beliefs. Because we always want to prove ourselves right. We’ve talked about that on past podcasts. If we’re thinking that I’m not good at this, if we’re thinking that there’s no one out there, that’s good to work that’s capable. If we’re thinking, I just don’t have the money to do the things that I want to do. Our mind is going to prove us right, and we’re going to come back to see, I told you so. The question we need to be asking ourselves do the beliefs I have support this goal. Suzanne suggests listing 10 beliefs that can help serve that goal. When you do that, the goal will become more compelling than your obstacles.

Focus on the Goal

So how do we get through obstacles? How do we make them smaller? How do we get through “but I can’t do this”? How do we get beyond that? We focus on the goal and the expectation so that that’s more compelling than the speed bump. And we won’t be focusing on the speed bump, and therefore it’s just a bump. It’s not a mountain, you of course are going to get there. 

Final Takeaway: Find a goal that is big and bright and shiny, then create beliefs around that goal that will outweigh any obstacles that might come your way. 

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