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Episode 840

How to Make the Decision That’s Right for YOU: Episode 840


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Episode 840 – How to Make the Decision That’s Right for YOU: Episode 840

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Robyn of Robyn’s Cleaning Birds, which she started in 2008. She was previously a residential cleaner and chose to shut down during the pandemic and reopen as a commercial cleaner. Today they chat about making that change to commercial, what her why is, and how to make sure that’s the decision that makes the most sense for her.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial

The first major difference between residential and commercial is the schedule. Typically, residential cleaning is normal business hours- Monday through Friday from 8-5 whereas commercial is typically done nights and weekends because they are cleaning after business hours. The big pro to commercial cleaning is that you can get big accounts that potentially pay much higher than residential cleaning accounts BUT it can take much longer to get those accounts than it would to get a residential account because the process is so much more labor intensive. And typically, they will sign you on as their cleaner for a set amount of time where you’ll probably have more turnover with residential cleaners. Each type of cleaning demographic also has its own pain. For residential, it’s folks up to their ears in life who want to have time to focus on their family and other things besides keeping up with their house. For commercial, it’s typically building managers who just want this task off of their plate so they don’t have to hear about it from anyone.

Trading in One Problem for Another

It can be tempting to think that your problems or pet peeves in one field can be solved by moving to another, but you’ll just get another set of problems. One thing that can get old quickly is the knit pickiness of residential clients. You may feel like they are very particular and that you’re more likely to hear from them than you would a client from a more general commercial clean. But the stakes are much higher in residential. If you are working in a medical facility and accidentally unplug a fridge, for example, that could be a $100,000 mistake whereas that kind of thing would be much less likely to happen in a residential home. It’s important to remember that you are making this decision because it’s what makes sense for you and you alone, not just want sounds good on paper.

Successful Entrepreneurship Doesn’t Have to Be Sexy

Robin asks the question about whether she should continue with residential since it’s what she knows or if she should make the move to residential. Mike tells her that if you have an entrepreneurial itch that you want to scratch, though it is tempting to chase shiny objects, the most likely way to find success is to stick to the things you do well and stay consistent. That will get you so much farther than constantly starting new things and running out of steam when they get hard and aren’t growing as fast as you hoped they would. 

Final Takeaway: There is always going to be something new and shiny to chase, but try and make your decisions based on logic and what makes the most sense for YOU. 

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