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Episode 849

How to Make Scheduling Work for You: Episode 849


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Episode 849 –How to Make Scheduling Work for You: Episode 849

Today on the podcast, we have Rachel Amundsen of Lemur Cleaning Service. She started in Spring, Texas in November 2019 and is here today to chat with Mike about scheduling. She has grown her business well and is having a lot of success but is having trouble scheduling in a way that makes everyone happy. She is here today to ask Mike about the best way to approach this particular issue. It’s a great question and one we haven’t explicitly answered in this way on the podcast!

Set Yourself Up For Success

When you find yourself dealing with many requests from employers and employees about who wants to do what, it’s likely a hiring funnel issue more than anything else. It’s so important to set up precedence with your clients that you are there to solve their problems. If you are hiring employees who share your core values and training them so that they are cleaning up to your company’s standards, it shouldn’t matter who comes to clean. It goes the same way with clients. If you are having a lot of issues with your clients demanding certain things or being difficult, you aren’t taking on clients who share your core values.

How to Accommodate Scheduling Preferences

There are scheduling preferences that make sense, and others that don’t. If someone wants their cleaning to happen on a specific day of the week, that is perfectly reasonable. If someone wants a certain gender, race, etc., that is something that isn’t necessary to accommodate and shows a lack of understanding about what to expect from you a cleaning company. It’s important that they understand upfront what you will and won’t change.

Hiring a Scheduler

Mike recommends that you hire a scheduler if you are in the same situation as Rachel. A scheduler can be a VA meaning they can work virtually, and it shouldn’t be a task that takes too long, but it takes that responsibility away from you as an owner. And you don’t have to act as the mediator whose job it is to accommodate everyone. You give the scheduler the parameters and let them do their job so you can do yours.  

Final Takeaway: If you are having lots of issues with scheduling, make sure you are hiring employees and finding clients who align with the core values of your company. 

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