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Episode 606

How to Make an Appealing Offer to Your Cleaning Leads: Episode 606


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Episode 606 – How to Make an Appealing Offer to Your Cleaning Leads

MIKE: Hey Cleaning Nation! I am here with Luke Embree, a minister and owner of Cleaning Right Crew. Luke launched his business in January 2021 and is on a mission to make the world a better place. Tell us about how you went from being a minister to also being an owner of your own cleaning business.

LUKE: I planted a church three years ago and have been a full-time pastor ever since but I wanted to create a ministry that really engaged people. The more people that we’re engaged with, the more I could delegate responsibilities. Because of this, I was given the time to start my own cleaning business.

MIKE: That is an amazing story. What is one of your top questions for me and a cleaning nation that could help move your business forward?

LUKE: I started my business in January and we are doing pretty well. I have been given leads in our area and I would love you to take on how to make my offer appealing to them.

MIKE: So, I heard that you have a lead for a bank. Have you made an offer or have they asked for an offer?

LUKE: No. This is a lead that came from a friend in the area. I have not had an introduction yet.

MIKE: When I was new I had a similar mindset of going one by one to leads. That was a ton of work and I learned it would be so much easier for them to find me. The first thing that I would do is find a way to get them to come to you, serve them first for free, and then pick and choose which ones you like. I would find the group or association that your niche is a part of. Then I would create a community that you are a part of and offer them value. By offering them the value they are more likely to purchase your product or service. What other question do you have about running a cleaning business?

LUKE: How do I bring value to people?

MIKE: Here are my top tips on how to bring value. You need to make sure there are more people in your community than you. You could start a podcast or do a lunch and learn for the people in your niche. You can also offer them a free service to show them how you can solve their problems. Finding their pain and offering a solution to it will bring you more customers than you know what to do with.

Here is my simple framework on how you can find what to offer:

  1. Be crystal clear on who you are.
  2. Find their pain and solve it for them.
  3. Way over deliver it every time.
  4. Ask for a bid.

What is one question I should have asked you and what is your answer?

LUKE: What am I excited about for 2021? I’m really excited about the people I am going to meet and build my business. My business is just as much about the people than anything else.

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