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Episode 797

How to Make a Hiring Ad That Actually Works: Episode 797


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Episode 797 – How to Make a Hiring Ad That Actually Works

Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, we have the pleasure of listening in as Mike does a tactical training on how to write a hiring ad that will actually get you the kind of employees you’re looking for. Listen in as he breaks down why the current ad you are running probably isn’t successful and how to change it to make the ad get the results you want.

Why Your Current Ad Isn’t Working

For the vast majority of Cleaning Companies (or just about any other company looking to hire), their ad will look something like this “Fast growing company looking to hire. Good benefits, flexible hours, competitive pay, etc.” The problem with this is that a. It’s boring and there’s no way anyone is going to actually be excited to work for you. The other issue is that because you are virtually the same as all the other companies hiring (according to your cut and paste ad) the only thing that is going to set you apart is the amount of money you are offering to pay them. That means the second they find another cleaning company that is willing ot pay them more, they are going to leave you in the dust and join the next company. The competition is more about money than getting an employee who is actually a good fit for your company.

Hire Someone For Their Core Values

One of the great things about cleaning is that it is a very teachable skill. That can really work in your favor because it doesn’t matter if someone who has never cleaned before in their life if they have a core value match, they are going to be a valuable asset to you, and you are going to be able to teach them how to clean AND have someone who is more likely to want to work towards the growth of your company. They are more likely to be committed and you are going to be more able to build a team culture around those core values with all of your employees because it’s something you’ll all share.

Bring Core Values Into Your Entire Hiring Process

The goal with hiring based on core values is that people are actually excited to work for you. You want them to come to the interview thinking this is going to be different. But if they get the job and get put in a closet to watch 6 hours of dry videos about liability and the what-not-to-dos of your company, they are going to see through the ‘core value’ schtick immediately. instead, you have to weave your core values through your entire process. This is going to allow them to feel special right off the bat, and it’ll be even more likely that you both will have a positive experience.

Final Takeaway: Hire based on core values, not skill and weave those core values through your entire hiring process (and beyond)

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