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Episode 587

How to Make 2021 the Year You Stop Cleaning Forever: Episode 587: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 587 – How to Make 2021 the Year You Stop Cleaning Forever

So you keep telling yourself you are actually out of cleaning forever, but it never happens.

When you keep fixing the problem temporarily, you really make it last forever. Being proactive and really finding the solution to fix your issues permanently is what will move you forward.

One common thought I hear from our clients is “I can hire when I need to”. FALSE! That is what got you to where you are in the first place.

Hiring and growing go hand in hand. There is only so much that you can do on your own.

Another thing a lot of our clients think this is, I can’t afford to “give up” my cleaning work. FALSE!

In reality, if you want to build a company, you can’t afford to clean for one second. Every second you clean no one is building systems, creating a culture, attracting clients, surprising or delighting clients, building a team, casting a vision, maintaining the financial integrity of your business, or all of the IMPORTANT things OWNERS do and cleaners do NOT do!

False – I can’t hire without work

True – You can have it any way you want it. You can START the hiring process NOW. You can start people who only want 1-2 customers to start. YOU have to DECIDE you want it and start working!! NO excuses!! Give them some of your work!

You might be thinking of this one right now. “I make $50/ hour”

I talk to “you” and you are often working 80 hours/ week and taking home just a couple of thousand dollars. You have to include drive time, selling, billing & collecting, cleaning rags, buying supplies, getting insurance, learning like you are right NOW!
True- To get hourly rate, divide TOTAL amount of hours you work on/ in/ think about your business by NET PROFIT (NOT gross revenue). The truth is you are trading time for that money and don’t you want more freedom and more profit?!

If this is scratching where you itch and you are ready to make it happen in your life, you can book a Scale Session with me and our team.

These are for owners of cleaning companies or people starting cleaning companies that are committed to scale quickly using proven systems and processes.

You’ll leave the session feeling clear and confident & excited about scaling your cleaning company to the next level

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