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Episode 543

How to Leverage Your Time in Your Cleaning Business: Episode 543: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 543 – How to Leverage Your Time in Your Cleaning Business

The Ladder to Entrepreneurship:

When I was a kid, I wanted to make MONEY but had NO idea how. My first job was working for $2.35/ hour at Carl’s Junior. From there I moved on to a telemarketing job for $10/ hour.

I then upgraded to being a waiter for the same two bucks an hour, but this time I had tips, but still I only made maybe $10/ hour.


Then came my huge shift into car sales for commission. I ended up making $30K ($15/ hour) my first year, $40K ($20/ hour) my second year and then left after making $50K ($25/ hour) because I realized ANY “capped” salary wouldn’t be enough for me. Trading my time for money no longer interested me. Instead, I wanted CONTROL and IMPACT on MY terms, so I started my business.


The problem is, I went right back to $10-$20/ hour work and made $40K profit my first year.

Honestly, $10/ hour work and $100/ hour work FELT the SAME, I couldn’t tell the difference. I kept trying to “manage my time” better without realizing no matter how “efficient” I was with my hours, if I was doing $10/ hour work, I could never make more than $20K/ year. This caused me to hit the ground running every day, and finish exhausted, with a HUGE list of things “undone” and have NO IDEA what I actually DID that day!

The REAL Problem:

I risked getting so burned out that some days, I just wanted to shut the whole thing down. I thought the business or type of business or “bad employees” was the problem. The real problem was that I didn’t recognize which parts of my time were really making money and which were basically wasted. If I couldn’t get this figured out, I would really just have another “job” with more bosses (customers, employees, vendors, the Franchisor).

A Huge Realization:

The realization for me came when I sold that first business and got paid three times what I paid and five times the monthly profit I was making ALL IN ONE LUMP SUM. Looking back, I realized that the real money wasn’t in the day to day activities- it was in the value I had created in the business! Every fire I put out and thought was “super important” didn’t pay me a nickel. Every SYSTEM I created that operated without me paid HUGE dividends! The problem was that I spent 95% of my time putting out fires and 5% of my time on the things that ACTUALLY PAID WELL! Once I figured this out, I was able to create a dependable, scaleable, repeatable SYSTEM to build businesses that other people would pay TOP dollar for INSTEAD of working IN my business all the time!

The Framework:

It’s a simple framework YOU can implement TODAY actually!

There are three types of income:


  • Unleveraged LOW Income (under $100/ hour)
    1. Providing your service, paying bills/ payroll, driving, etc
    2. Trading your time for SMALL money
    3. Low demand, high supply- anyone can do it, lots of people want to do it
    4. Constant alarms/ reminders to do this work
    5. Learn once and rarely have to step out of comfort zone or grow
    6. Has to be done over and over- worth ONLY what the service is 
    7. You want to be here LESS than 10% of the time 
    8. When you are just starting- don’t tell yourself you “can’t afford it”- if it’s profitable, you CAN afford it, if it’s NOT profitable YOU certainly shouldn’t be doing it!!
  • Unleveraged HIGH income (over $100/ hour but limited by your time)
    1. Sales, doctors, lawyers, etc
    2. Trading your time for LARGER money
    3. High demand- Low supply- lots of people want to do it, few can or will
    4. Fewer reminders
    5. Requires more personal growth to compete
    6. Still has to be done over and over, just for MORE money
    7. You make much more, but ONLY when you perform the work
    8. Can spend 20-60% of your time here
    9. Be careful because it “feels” like you are making money and you are, but it’s still NOT owning a business
  • Leveraged Income (can make any amount, but INDEPENDENT of YOUR efforts)
    1. Creating systems, building a culture
    2. Trade your time ONCE and get paid indefinitely
    3. HUGE demand virtually NO supply
    4. ZERO reminders- doesn’t “feel” like you are “getting stuff done”
    5. Requires tremendous and consistent investment in yourself/ personal growth
    6. Do it once, get paid forever
    7. Spend AT LEAST 33% of your time here- the more the better
    8. Creates long term wealth!

So many of the people we coach start with unleveraged low income like I did, trading time for money, then move to unleveraged high income and many, if not most, of our top level clients are in the leveraged income stage.

Control & IMPACT:

Once you get here, you move to your money making money for you and your time is invested for IMPACT. This is largely what I do here for GMCC 🙂 This is the ULTIMATE control and impact- you’re free to contribute! Once your leveraged income is greater than your money needs, you move to the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Control WHAT you do, where you do it, when you do it and WHO you do it with!

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