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Episode 864

How to Leverage Your Pain to Benefit You: Episode 864


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Episode 864 – How to Leverage Your Pain to Benefit You: Episode 864

Today on the podcast, we have Tracey and Mike talking about a really important topic. That is this conundrum of why we wait until we are in crisis mode before we reach out for help. Why we don’t get help before we are in a really difficult situation? Why we don’t set ourselves up for success from the get-go by going to those before us who have already made the mistakes and learned from them so that we don’t have to make those same mistakes? Listen in as they chat about why this happens, and how to avoid falling into this same trap yourself.

Three Kinds of Clients

There are three kinds of prospective clients Mike talks to when he chats with people about their business. The first are those who are ‘drinking the koolaid’. They are under the impression that if they just work enough hours and put on a smile and practice positive thinking, nothing will ever go wrong. That positive affirmations are all they need to keep things running smoothly. There is not much you can do for these folks until they start being honest with themselves about what is really happening. The second type is those who are looking at the issues straight in the face but are more comfortable in their current problems than getting out of that comfort zone to make some real changes. That feels so intimidating to them, so they stay where they are. The third kind of people is those who realize that can’t take one more step on their own. That they have come to the end of their fraying rope and need the help of someone who has done this before successfully.

How to Leverage Your Pain

When you get to a place where you are starting to feel like you need help, you can leverage your future pain to get help now, instead of waiting until you are in full crisis mode. This requires an awareness of where you are now, and where you will be if you continue on this trajectory. By leaning into that pain, you can be honest about what is happening now and what you can do with that pain to make the changes that you really need now. It’s not necessary to lose your family or your health or your time, you can be aware of what the future risks are now, and make decisions about your future accordingly.

Choose Productive Pain

Choosing productive pain means you choose to use your current and future pain to create what you want in your business. Instead of letting it paralyze you and instead of fighting with reality, you use it as leverage for growth and change. That’s when you really become an owner. Not just of your business but the owner of your live. Of your circumstances. Of what happens to you. That is when you start to take control over what is happening, rather than letting your circumstances dictate what happens to you. 

Final Takeaway: When things get hard, choose to use that as fuel to make changes now rather than waiting until things are miserable. Take back control over what happens when. 

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