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Episode 719

How to Leverage the End of This Year and Get a Jump on 2022: Episode 719


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Episode 719 – How to Leverage the End of This Year and Get a Jump on 2022

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Lindsay-our client happiness manager, and Jackson-our in house ad extraordinaire. Jackson is here to tell us how to use the holiday season as an opportunity to ramp up our cleaning business. Come listen in as we discuss the best ways to use ads to find those clients who are starting to look for holiday help now!

Get Ahead of the Curve

With the holidays just around the corner, that means people are starting to plan their annual gatherings. This year more than ever after not being able to get together much last year. When people plan these gatherings, on their list is having a house that is presentable to guests. This is where you come in! You want to start running ads now to potential clients so that as they start the planning process, you are included as the one who will make their space sparkling clean and ready to entertain.

Taking Advantage if You are a Commercial Cleaner

Now on the commercial side of things, you’ve kind of got two opportunities here. When you’ve got a few clients that have storefronts, storefronts, you can expect increased foot traffic around this time of year. People shopping, people getting their stuff done before the end of the year brings that added traffic. If you serve doctors’ offices, that will have increased traffic as well with everyone trying to get their services in before their deductibles run out. It’s common to cram everything in towards the end of the year, which increases foot traffic, which increases the amount of cleaning that workspace is going to need. The other side of this is that businesses often make decisions about which vendors they are going to use and pay the first quarter of the year. And what better time to get your foot in the door and in front of these places than the tail end of 2021 so that when it comes time for them to make those decisions, you are fresh in their memory.

More Holiday Tips For Residential Cleaners

The best thing you could do during this busy time is to present yourself as the solution to one of the tasks a person has on a long list of to-dos. Combine that with a holiday deal- something people are used to seeing during this time of year, and you’ve got a great presentation that is going to be hard to turn down. You could even offer to do the post-party clean-up and a special. Another idea is to offer your cleaning service as a gift card for family and friends. Even better if you can offer it as a residual contract- 3 or 6 months of cleaning. Anything that helps take some of the stress off people during this crazy time of year is going to help you come out on top. And the best part is you’re going to be helping them solve their problem too.

More Holiday Tips for Commercial Cleaners

As we previously mentioned, the biggest way to take advantage of this time of year with commercial cleaning is to put yourself in front of them when they’re making their decisions for 2022. If they had a previous cleaning crew who didn’t do a good job and they’re looking to replace them with someone better, the best thing you can do is be there as a reliable, professional company who will take care of their cleaning needs during the next year.

Final Takeaway

Whether you are a business or residential cleaning company, these last couple of months of the year present some great opportunities to increase your clientele. Get in front of them, be creative and persistent. They will be bombarded with a lot of ads this time of year. Stand out, and make them happy they chose you over anyone else. It’ll be a great end to 2021 and an even better start to 2022!

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