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Episode 1093

How to Leverage an Answering Service and More Operations Tips!: Episode 1093


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Episode 1093 – How to Leverage an Answering Service and More Operations Tips!

Maximizing Efficiency with Answering Services

In this coaching call, Mike Campion addresses a crucial concern many cleaning company owners face: the choice between using an answering service or relying on employees for answering phones. Mike emphasizes the importance of understanding the fundamental purpose of an answering service: freedom. While employees may seem personal, they can become a chokepoint due to sleep, vacations, or unexpected absences. In contrast, an answering service provides uninterrupted coverage, ensuring calls are answered promptly, 24/7.

Providing Specific Feedback

Mike emphasizes the need for specific feedback when assessing the performance of an answering service. Rather than vague criticism, such as “you’re not doing a good job,” owners should provide actionable feedback. By pinpointing specific issues and offering clear guidance on desired outcomes, owners empower the service to improve. Mike suggests monitoring calls, providing feedback promptly, and giving the service an opportunity to rectify any shortcomings before considering termination.

Training and Continuous Improvement

Training plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance of an answering service. Mike encourages owners to review calls regularly and address any inefficiencies promptly. He stresses the importance of scalability and acknowledges that phone answering is a significant aspect of a cleaning company’s operations, with a direct impact on client satisfaction and revenue generation.

Transitioning Employees: Balancing Legal Compliance and Operational Efficiency
When transitioning employees from contractors to part-time workers, Mike advises a gradual approach to minimize disruption. While diluting hours over time can improve operational efficiency, it’s essential to ensure compliance with labor laws. Mike recommends consulting a labor lawyer to navigate potential legal implications and emphasizes the importance of clear communication with both employees and clients throughout the transition process.

Maintaining Client Relationships

Mike highlights the need to maintain client relationships amidst operational changes. He advises against clients becoming overly attached to individual team members and emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering consistent service quality regardless of personnel changes. By positioning the use of an answering service as a benefit rather than a limitation, owners can reassure clients of their ongoing commitment to excellence.

Conclusion: Prioritizing Operational Excellence

In conclusion, Mike underscores the significance of prioritizing operational excellence in cleaning companies. By leveraging answering services effectively, providing specific feedback for continuous improvement, and navigating transitions with transparency and professionalism, owners can enhance efficiency and maintain client satisfaction. By adopting a proactive approach to operational management, owners can position their companies for sustained success in the competitive cleaning industry.
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