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Episode 686

How to Keep Your Passion Alive for Your Cleaning Company During Tough Times: Episode 686


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Episode 686 – How to Keep Your Passion Alive for Your Cleaning Company During Tough Times

Today our Guest is Cheyenne Puja, all the way from down under Sydney, Australia. Cheyenne and her partner Danielle started DCK cleaning last January 19, 2021, and they serve commercial and residential.

Cheyenne and Danielle worked together in the childcare industry for three years, but then realized that they both wanted a business that they owned together. It took a year for them to plan, prepare and set up their business.

They started the business in January 2021. They didn’t expect to get so busy with many clients right away, but did, and kind of winged it as they went along. Since then they’ve built up a few residential clients, but their main focus is commercial cleaning. Starting at the onslaught of the pandemic was tough because life was up and down to begin with. They had a lot of clients that were ready to use their services, but it was also hard trying to secure them because of COVID.

How to keep your passion for the business alive during tough times?

Cheyenne wants to know how to keep her passion for her new business alive during such hard times. In times like this, we have restrictions and lockdowns happening worldwide. We can’t control what the government says about what we can and can’t do; however, we always have a choice on how to respond.

For example, Cheyenne wasn’t allowed at first to clean residential homes, but once she got in contact with the Australian government she learned some loopholes. She found out that her company was allowed to work if people were not around, inside the home while she was cleaning. This way, she can still work and make some kind of income.

There’s a lot of things that we can work on if we just try to choose how we respond to the situation.

Mike’s Advice

Internalize everything and externalize nothing! The reason we get paid well as owners and entrepreneurs is because we take chaos, and we organize it, and we bend reality to fit our vision. It’s not easy. It takes a ton of energy, focus, hard work and commitment but it is possible.

Cheyenne’s Takeaway

Cheyenne feels that some things are a blessing in disguise so that helps her stay positive about what’s happening in any moment when challenges are thrown her way.

Mike’s Takeaway

Mike adds “Decide how we’re gonna respond to it and other people might find it a curse, but we might choose to make it a blessing.”

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