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Episode 050

How to Keep Cleaning Employees Happy: Episode 050: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 050 – How to Keep Cleaning Employees Happy

How to Keep Cleaning Employees Happy
Hello boys and girls and welcome to today’s episode with a topic as old as the cleaning business, how to keep employees happy!
Your host Mike Campion has a lovely conversation with Alex Sherman with Eco Friendly Maid Service about how happy employees translate to profitable businesses which create happy owners of cleaning companies.

Right off the bat Mike shares a surprising tidbit around pay that is the exact OPPOSITE of what most owners of cleaning companies think when it comes to keeping employees happy.

Then comes a fun conversation around providing (or not providing) health insurance for your employees and how that does (or does not) relate to overall employee happiness.

HINT: It’s not what you think…

Then Mike dives into a fantastic idea free for all and offers a TON of actionable ways to keep your cleaning companies employees happy. Here is ONE example, but you will have to listen in to get ALL of the good stuff.

Health club or gym memberships for every employee. Often you can get a cheap flat rate every month for just a hundred bucks or so that covers all of your employees. This has a bunch of amazing benefits

Employees tend to build COMMUNITY at the gym
You show your employees you care about them and their health
Gives them one more thing to think about when they are considering not showing up
BONUS LOVIN: Listen in and discover how and why paid birthday’s and work anniversaries will rock your employees world.

Long story short, Mike covers a bunch of ways to make you and your company something and somewhere special that top talent is attracted to, wants to be a part of and thinks long and hard about before leaving.

The concepts you will discover in today’s episode transform your company from a commodity to a irreplaceable community in your employees lives.

Next Mike reveals THE BEST source for TOP employees. Sure, we could tell you here, but what is the fun in that? LIsten in and discover for yourself where to find your absolute best employees!

HINT: Quality employees hang out with quality employees- poor employees probably hang out with other poor employees

Before we hit the lightening round, Mike drops some truth bombs about 401K’s. How much they cost, why you and your company might benefit from offering them and how they keep YOUR employees engaged and employed with and at your cleaning company.

Of course, no episode would be complete without a trip to the Lightening Round so Mike and Alex oblige and here are the highlights:

Fake it til you make it
Don’t pay people more than they’re worth
Find a way to put your marketing on autopilot
BONUS RESOURCE: Once you have happy employees, you might want help dealing with lowball bidders- check out a free podcast on just how to do that HERE

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