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Episode 851

How to Hire the Magical Operations Manager: Episode 851


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Episode 851 – How to Hire the Magical Operations Manager : Episode 851

Today on the podcast, we have Mike and Lindsay chatting about something that comes up a lot with our clients. And it’s something that has a lot of misconceptions around it. That is this idea that there is a magical operations manager out there that you can hire and they will solve all of your problems. But that is not the case, it is more complicated than that. However, it doesn’t have to be if you handle this issue correctly. They are here to talk about a better way to solve this dilemma so that you can continue to grow a scalable business and focus on what you do best.

Why it Doesn’t Work to Hire an Operations Manager to Replace You

If you decide you are in over your head and hire someone to do all the heavy lifting in your company, you are essentially hiring someone who will get burned out the way you did. And if they start working as hard as you have been, chances are, they will quit. If they quit, you are back in the same position you were in to start with. The idea isn’t to hire one person to replace all the things you want taken off of your plate.

What to Do When Your Op Manager is Overworked

When Lindsay was hired at Grow My Cleaning Company, Mike had a list already prepared of all the things he wanted her to do. But he didn’t want to overwhelm her, and he wanted to make sure she was capable of taking on the things he had in mind. So he gave it to her one crumb at a time. That being said, he hired her with the idea that she would be working part-time, so if at any point it was more than that, she would be doing too much. As it happened, Lindsay got up to working 50 hours a week without saying anything to MIke until one day she came to him and let him know how much she was really working. Mike gave her the option to either hire someone above her to oversee several people doing more specific jobs, or offered her to be the person who hired the people who did the specific jobs. She decided to be the manager and became the “Client Happiness Manager”.

How to Split the Role Into More Specific Jobs

From there, Lindsay made a list of the tasks she wanted someone else to do and created specific roles for several virtual assistants to do. One helps with podcasts, another helps clients with their hiring funnels as well as a couple of others. Once she was able to do that, she was able to work on the parts of the job that really focused on the happiness of the clients vs lots of tasks that are bogging her down and not allowing her to focus on where she shines. As the boss, Mike gave her the space to create these roles, manage them, and work the way that she wants. She has autonomy which allows her to use her own creativity to lead her own team while he leads his, while they’re all working towards a common goal. In this way, you can continue to grow a team that expands and adapts along with your business. 

Final Takeaway: Rather than looking for the magical unicorn of an operations manager, hire out the individual tasks and hire a team that shares your core value as a scalable alternative. 

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