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Episode 779

How to Hire Out Your Team After You Get Out of Cleaning: Episode 779


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Episode 779 – How to Hire Out Your Team After You Get Out of Cleaning

Hi Clean Nation! Welcome to the podcast. Today, we have Mike talking to our in-house client happiness manager Lindsay Bjorklund. Lindsay is here to get Mike’s take on the next step after you have already transitioned out of cleaning. She gets lots of questions from clients about the most effective way to hire out your office team once you’re no longer in cleaning. Listen in as Mike answers these questions and gives lots of helpful advice along the way.

Ask What You Want to Stop Doing First

The best way to know what you want to hire out first is to ask yourself the question-what do I hate doing most. Once you do that, you can get more clear on the skillset specifically you need to find to replace the work you do in that area. Typically, if you want to hire out all the skill sets an owner or part-owner is doing, it’s best to split those various roles into multiple VAs. So, for example, you could hire out someone to edit your podcast (if you have one), someone to do your accounting, someone to be in charge of getting supplies and rags to employees, and someone to follow up with clients.

When You Cross Train a VA, Are You Making Yourself Less Valuable?

To Mike, this is a really important point to bring up. Lindsay has trained one of our VAs to be able to do most of the things she can do. If Lindsay is out sick or on vacation, the VA Apple she trained is able to step up and take over her tasks and things continue to run smoothly. But if you have your core values set up in the way they should be, there is a trust there that you are wanted and valued, even if you train others to do your job. That is what core values are all about.

How Do You Trust the Employees Your Hire to Take Over Your Roles?

Mike believes it’s by finding a core values match, then getting out of their way. In the case of Lindsay, he hired her to create systems and find people to fill lots of different roles. And when you hire someone like that, you have two choices. You can either decide you are the one who has all the answers and micromanage and tell them they have to do it your way, never giving them room to come up with their own ideas and systems, or you let go. And when you let go, chances are, they aren’t always going to do it exactly as you would. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Bringing in a new brain means looking at things from a different perspective. 

Final Takeaway: Hire in small increments, then trust them. 

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