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Episode 451

How to Have Enough Time to Grow Your Cleaning Company: Episode 451 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 451 – How to Have Enough Time to Grow Your Cleaning Company

Mike is lucky enough to get to spend his days talking with members of cleaning nation, and through this Mike oftentimes notices certain themes that people seem to struggle with, which is many times how chooses the subject to cover on his next live video, and today is no different. 

Recently Mike has started notice a theme of cleaning company owners that feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to dedicate to growing their company. Too many people are engrossed with the thought that if they put more hours in, their company will grow more, but the truth is that a majority of the time it’s more so that they aren’t allocating their time correctly. Something that Mike has covered extensively in the past is getting out of doing any of the cleaning yourself. So we won’t cover it too heavily here, however what a lot of people do is replace the time they spent cleaning with other trivial work. It’s important to know the difference between working ‘in’ your company, as opposed to working ‘on’ it. 

There are two important segments to improving your time management. The first of which is transitioning out working ‘in’ your business. That entails making sure that you have a competent team of employees that can handle more responsibility, not only to allow you more time to spend on bigger picture items, but also to help them grow into handling new responsibilities. (If you’re interested in learning about core values and how to hire higher tier employees, click here.) 

The second segment to better time management is making sure that you spend your newfound time wisely. It can be very easy to spend your time in ways that feel like your getting work done, but i/s actually just busy work. It may be difficult, but it is important to challenge yourself to focus on the bigger ideas. Things like client and employee attraction can be scary. Ideas like “What if I spend money on attracting clients but I don’t get any?” or “What if I hire someone and they screw up and lose an account?” can be scary thoughts, but if you truly want growth, you’re going to have to push your boundaries and squash your fears.

One mindset that will hold you back is the idea that if you spend more time doing something, than it will grow. Mike has heard the phrase “It will work because it has to” many times in his life, but the reality is if you have been in business for 5 years and are doing 10k / month, and want to get to 50k / month, you’re going to have to change something if you want to actually reach that goal. There are many people out there that expect to grow without having to change anything, but that’s simply not true, and that idea will hinder you significantly. 

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