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Episode 632

How to Have an Abundance Mindset and Get MORE SALES: Episode 632


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Episode 632 – How to Have an Abundance Mindset and Get MORE SALES

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today I am here with our amazing coach Tracey Thompson. We are going to talk about lead generation, sales, and showing up as the right person.

The Way you Buy Affects who you Attract

Sales is an extension of your mindset. A lot of the time people come to us asking what to say and how to say it. They believe that the answer is in the details and magic words when the truth is that it really comes down to mindset. The number one thing we need to focus on is our belief. The way that we buy has everything to do with how people buy from us. An example of this is you are getting a lot of people saying that your price is too much and trying to nickel and dime you. If you are doing the same thing that is the energy, you are going to project to your prospects and will have an effect on the clients you attract. Once you get clear on how you can help someone you will be able to sell your service amazingly.

How do we Fix this Belief?

The quick answer on how to fix this belief is to fix us. We cannot expect other people to show up better than we do. Ask yourself how you want to show up and be. If the answer is yes, ask yourself if that is the type of client you want. If the answer is no, then now is the time to switch the way you think. The million dollar question is, if the way you are showing up is hurting you and your business, how can you show up better?

Let’s Roleplay

Let’s roleplay an example of a small belief and a big belief. Let’s start with the small belief. Tracey is going to be the buyer and I will be the seller. Mike starts off with a bid of one-thousand dollars for his cleaning service and Tracey immediately rejects the offer saying that she needs to bring the idea to the rest of her team. Mike backs down a little bit and shows a loss of confidence asking Tracey what her team will say instead of showing a strong belief in his business. Because of this, Tracey counters with “I don’t know” and the conversation ends there. Because his character had the belief that he would do the same thing, he wasn’t able to show up and make the sale. Now we are going to do a similar role play but have a strong belief and different mindset. Mike makes the same offer as before of a one-thousand dollar bid and says “let’s get going”. Tracey responds the same way as she did before, letting him know that she wants to bring the offer to her team as well. This time however, Mike responds with strong belief. He says “I’m confused. I thought this was what you were looking for”. Now Tracey responds with a question of “what do you mean?”. Mike continues with letting her know that his business can solve her pain and asks why she is not ready to make a decision. Tracey decided that it was right and he made the sale.

The Difference

The real difference between these two situations is just the mindset and how Mike showed up. We think we need to know how to sell, but by focusing so much time on that people miss the real problem. When you start showing up with an abundance mindset instead of a scarcity mindset, you will attract prospects with the same mindset and sales will become so much easier. BE the BUYER that you WANT to attract.
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