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Episode 613

How to Have a Mindset for Success in Your Cleaning Business: Episode 613


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Episode 613 – How to Have a Mindset for Success in Your Cleaning Business

MIKE: Hey Cleaning Nation! I am with the lovely Suzanne Bandick who is one of our mindset coaches. So much of our success is due to our mindset. I am so excited because we have a professional here with us today. Before we get started why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself.

SUZANNE: I have been a mindset coach for over twenty years. I was reading personal development books at sixteen and have been wanting to help people ever since. I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by Bob Proctor who is a specialist in health and business development.

MIKE: When I asked Suzanne what she wanted to talk about she originally talked about not wanting to feel alone. I remember when I bought my first business it was super lonely. People were not interested in the problems that I was dealing with because I was the only one in my circle with these issues. That combined with not really knowing what I should be doing made me very uncomfortable. So how do we get through that in a healthy way?

SUZANNE: It is so common because we are not taught to look for support networks or ask for help. We go out with a persona that we think the world we want to see which leads to isolation. People want to belong somewhere and it is very hard when we put up an exterior that we think people want to see.

MIKE: I feel like our friends can be hard on us when we aren’t really successful and are also hard on us when we are successful. So we feel like we have to walk this line of “semi-failure”. How do we work through that?

SUZANNE: You have to work from the inside. Everyone has their own answers and it is my job to help people realize this.

MIKE: How do we know what the right answer is?

SUZANNE: The reality is you are not alone. How often as children are we taught to not speak up? It’s a question of re-establishing yourself as an adult. The thoughts that feel good are generally going to be in the right direction. When you come across a thought that makes you feel bad you need to replace that with a new, positive thought.

MIKE: From my experience some thoughts that make me uncomfortable can lead me the right direction. So how do we make the distinction between positive thoughts and negative thoughts that are giving us permission to not take responsibility?

SUZANNE: Everything that has happened in our life we have attracted. You can say “I did that” and feel great. On the other hand it is really hard to take responsibility for the negative things that come into our life. Our mind wants to prove us right.

MIKE: I think that is why questions are so important. If we ask ourselves a negative question our brain will give us a million answers to that.

SUZANNE: We call that a “what if” statement. If you are afraid of making that phone call instead of going “that person is going to hate me”, go “that person is going to be grateful I called them.”

MIKE: One of the biggest issues some clients come into Cleaning Nation with is that they aren’t making money because they are charging too little. Raising prices can be scary for some people so how would you help them get through that fear?

SUZANNE: You can create a “what if bad story” or the “what if good story”. I would ask you to picture having a conversation with someone while raising prices and picture them having a good response. This helps you preplan how you want it to go. If the person doesn’t respond in the correct way you know that they don’t fit your core value and therefore are not the right client for you.

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