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Episode 1063

How to Handle Tricky Price Increase Conversations with Residential Clients: Episode 1063


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Episode 1063 – How to Handle Tricky Price Increase Conversations with Residential Clients

Introduction: Overcoming Obstacles

In a recent coaching session with Sasha, Mike Campion addressed the challenges and triumphs she’s experiencing in her cleaning business. Despite battling a cold and fueled by caffeine, Mike was determined to share valuable insights and guidance for Sasha’s journey.

Setting Standards and Celebrating Progress

Sasha expressed a newfound relief in establishing clear standards for her business. Mike acknowledged the significance of defining these standards, emphasizing the importance of both client and employee alignment. They delved into specific instances, such as Sasha’s encounter with a client who neglected maintenance between cleaning sessions and a prospective employee with financial instability.

Client Selection and Business Growth

Mike emphasized the need for strategic client selection and highlighted the potential benefits of trimming clients that don’t align with the business’s direction. Drawing parallels to pruning overgrown shrubs, he assured Sasha that focusing on quality clients over quantity can lead to sustained growth and improved profitability.

Navigating Uncomfortable Conversations

Discussing potential price increases and dealing with challenging clients, Mike encouraged Sasha to approach these conversations with transparency and empathy. He outlined the importance of setting expectations and communicating changes clearly, even if it means parting ways with certain clients.

Handling Price Increases: A Delicate Balancing Act

Addressing Sasha’s concern about price increases, Mike stressed the significance of communicating these changes personally. He advised against using email and recommended a direct, honest conversation. The goal is not just about raising prices but ensuring a mutual understanding of the value provided.

Client Rehabilitation and Defining Expectations

Mike encouraged Sasha to attempt to rehabilitate challenging clients by communicating expectations clearly. By framing the conversation around mutual understanding and finding common ground, Sasha can navigate these discussions more effectively.

Client Picky Behavior: Redefining Perspectives

Discussing picky clients, Mike guided Sasha to redefine expectations by getting clients to articulate what “perfect” means to them. By helping clients understand the realities of maintaining a home and establishing realistic standards, Sasha can align her services with client expectations.

Conclusion: A Journey of Growth

As Sasha prepares for numerous upcoming calls, armed with insights from Mike Campion, she faces the challenges and opportunities ahead with confidence and a renewed perspective. The coaching session serves as a roadmap for navigating the complexities of the cleaning business and achieving sustained success.
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