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Episode 615

How to Handle Stressful Situations in Your Cleaning Business Successfully: Episode 615


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Episode 615 – How to Handle Stressful Situations in Your Cleaning Business Successfully

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today we get to share Autumn Dell’s story. She has gone through our Elite Program already and she has some great questions and stories to share with us today. Autumn started Get It Together Cleaning Services in 2015. She had kids in college so the biggest drive for her to build her business was to help pay for their school. Now she is completely out of cleaning!

Problem with an Employee

Autumn had a brand new employee who stole from her clients. A lot of people have a fear of this. Autumn is a picture perfect example of how to handle it. A lot of people could get defensive or flustered but Autumn handled it perfectly. She listened and was completely understanding and respectful of her clients. She replaced the stolen items from the clients homes and had to fire her employee. Because she handled the situation so well she still has that client.

Autumn’s Big Question

A few weeks ago Autumn asked clients for referrals and they told her that there were a few things missing from her service. Because of this she felt like she started cleaning again, not because of money but because she wanted to make sure everything was done perfectly. This issue can come down to one thing and that is employees. If your employees don’t hold the right values for your business you can find yourself constantly in the training phase. One great thing she did was asking her clients! The fact that her clients were able to tell her these things means that she has a good relationship with her clients.

Two Changes for Autumn

It’s very important to know the distinction between training and cleaning. If you are giving tips and encouraging your team, at some point you may clean something. However, this doesn’t mean you are necessarily in the field cleaning. Another thing that is super important for your cleaning business is to have a system for your employees. Eighty percent of hiring is finding the right person. Twenty percent is having a checklist with your core values. Your checklist should be ever-evolving. Core values are so important in finding the right people for your business because when you find the people who match your core values they will be great employees.

Fun Fact About Autumn

Autumn has a great community! They have parties together and hang out. This shows me that she has a great checklist and her team works well together. In the cleaning business turnover can be an issue but with a community like this the chances of turnover are greatly diminished.

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