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Episode 464

What To Do When you Lose Accounts: Episode 464: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 464 – What To Do When you Lose Accounts

We all know that bad customers can make you crazy, and when you lose customers it can kill your growth.  When your boat is leaking, it’s hard to keep it afloat. The key to the cleaning business is recurring revenue. So how do you handle when you lose an account?  Let’s dive into that today. But first, let’s make a clear distinction between losing GOOD accounts, and losing BAD accounts.

False Belief: It’s always bad to lose an account

Not true! There are three good reasons to lose a customer:  if they aren’t a Core Values Match, if they don’t pay you enough, or they don’t pay you at all.  If your customer falls into one of these categories, it’s great to lose their account!

So first decide if they are bad accounts or good accounts.  You want to get rid of the bad accounts anyway, so if you lose them, good riddance!  Now, let’s deal with how to handle losing GOOD accounts.

False Belief: When they lie about you in a review, you have to set them straight

Wrong! The worst thing you can do is argue with them about why they are lying. The best way to deal with customers that leave a bad review is always the same.  Say, “I am so sorry you had that experience, obviously we aren’t in business to make our customers feel bad, please reach out to me so I can get this fixed immediately.”  Let it go, and don’t get sucked into a public drama because it only makes you look bad. No matter how wrong they are, put your energy into getting more good reviews that will naturally drown out the occasional bad one.

False Belief: When a customer leaves, they are so mad they will never come back

No! Your best source for new revenue is your current customers, your second best is former customers!!  Don’t fall for the lie that they hate you and your relationship is irreparable. Often times they want to come back – they’ve experienced ‘cheaper’ cleaners and realized their mistake – but are embarrassed! Make it easy for them to come back!  This is why having an automated customer reactivation plan is KEY. Often having a bad experience is EXACTLY what they needed to appreciate you!!

False Belief: When a customer quits for a reason that’s ‘not your fault’, it’s ok

So the thing to remember is the cost is the same no matter whose fault it is.  A customer that leaves is a loss in recurring revenue. Make sure you internalize! Adopt the attitude that it’s always your fault!   Whatever happened, you didn’t make a big enough impact on their life and they moved on. Learn from it, try to fix it, and definitely do what you can to prevent someone else for leaving for possibly the same reason.

False Belief: There is nothing you can do about losing customers

Obviously, when someone moves to a different town, or they go bankrupt, there is really nothing you can do – you’re going to lose that customer.  So if you’re doing everything you can to make sure you are keeping your good customers, the next thing you need to do is make sure you’re always having a steady stream of new accounts.  That is the best way to deal with customers quitting. 

Once you have systems and processes to follow up with lost customers and keep your good customers from leaving, and you have a steady stream of new customers, the cleaning world is your oyster!  The few leaks you have from customers leaving won’t sink your boat, and you will have the growth you want.

You MUST take action- It’s important to remember that information alone is worthless!  If you find these podcasts, videos & articles helpful but you do nothing with that information, you may as well have never been given the information in the first place.  Don’t do what so many people do – nothing. If you want to grow your cleaning company, take action and make changes now. If you’d like our help, visit and get started today.

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