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Episode 129

How To Grow A Cleaning Business: Episode 129: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 129 – How To Grow A Cleaning Business

Is a Second Location How to Grow a Cleaning Business?
Learn how to grow a cleaning business without sacrificing quality and service.
Today your favorite podcast host Mike Campion helps Matt Andrews learn how to grow a cleaning business. Matt is the owner of Sparkly House Cleaning Service-

Matt worked in the marketing sector for many years before going into the cleaning business with his current girlfriend. Wanting more passion in their work and more financial freedom, they decided to get out of the marketing world and start a cleaning business.

Matt wants to know how to open a second location across the country while maintaining quality of service in both locations. Mike dives in and asks more questions about Matt’s goals.

KEY POINT: Asking lots of questions is a great start when making big decisions
Mike asks why this second location is important to Matt and his partner. Just because you “want to grow” doesn’t necessarily mean a second location is your best option. The last thing you want is to pour time and money into a big decision only to face regret months later.

MORE SMART STUFF: Make sure all decisions around how to grow your cleaning business reflect YOUR goals!
They make sure a second location is the best way to meet Matt’s goals while growing his cleaning company and Mike dives into how to make it happen…

SYSTEMS – If you are going to open a second location (especially one in another city) good systems are a MUST. Systems allow employees to make decisions, put out fires and run your business without you. Systems also keep track of daily activity and metrics that ensure your company and employees are on task and maintaining your standards.

BONUS TIP: Systems don’t have to be big and scary. Just write down what you want done- you can even use video if you are more comfortable with it.

Want to make it even easier? We just happen to have an awesome/ free podcast all about systems! Check it out HERE.

Once you have your systems down, you are halfway there, you just need…

CORE VALUES – One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is where and how to get the good employees needed to grow a cleaning business. Sounds like a job for Core Values…

Systems can’t cover everything and employees can’t constantly be looking up what they are supposed to do. That’s the bad news… The good news is you make your systems based on what is important to you. Basically- your Core Values. When you hire employees that share your core values, they naturally make decisions more like you do and don’t need to rely on systems as much.

BONUS LOVIN: Check out this video for MORE on how to build a cleaning business with Core Values
Once you have your systems and Core Values down, you are still gonna want to add one more ingredient…

TRAINING – Training is one of the easy things to overlook when building your cleaning business. As you grow and improve you will find yourself wanting to get this piece of your cleaning business right. The good news is, just like everything else, you can create a training system to make sure everything gets done right.

QUICK TIP: Your employees will do EXACTLY what you ask them and rarely anything more.
One of the easiest ways to create a training system is to record you training a new employee and use that video footage as the foundation for your training system

Here are a couple tips to make training videos:

Have fun and be YOU- if you are having fun, you are doing it right
Don’t focus too much on details and protocol (no one pays attention anyway) focus on Core Values!
Stay away from being a perfectionist- you can always improve it later
Just start collecting video- even if they are just on your iPhone
You can use the video for customers and even on social media and your website!
No show would be complete without the lightening round. Today, you are just going to have to listen to the episode and hear for yourself..

That’s it for today cleaning nation, now get out there and grow your cleaning business. But before you do, leave us a comment and share YOUR core values!

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