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Episode 541

How to go From Zero to a Million Dollar Cleaning Company in 12 Months: Episode 541: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 540 – How to go From Zero to a Million Dollar Cleaning Company in 12 Months

That Million Dollar Mark:

I’ve spent 20 years building businesses. The first million dollar business took me nearly a decade to build. The second one went from zero to $4.3M in 18 months! I don’t know why that million dollar mark is so big with everyone, but it is. I even remember telling my franchise rep in Service Master that I was going to have a million dollar business. He kind of “poo pooed” it, but didn’t do his job and tell me HOW to build a million dollar service business.

I felt like if I just had a million dollar business I would be “rich”. The world would HAVE to recognize I had a REAL business. I tried EVERYTHING including hiring consultants, joining chambers, associations, and “trading” my services. It was all two steps forward, one step back with no momentum.

It’s So Easy to Give Up Hope:

I don’t know about you all out there reading this, but my sense of worth gets tied up in my business. After lots of wasted time and money, struggling to make payroll now and again, it’s so easy to lose hope and believe YOU can’t do it. I would allow myself to believe that other business owners had magical powers or opportunities that I didn’t. It almost cost me my dream and also the service I have been able to give to customers and team members. The idea of getting a job or going back to “civilian” life was unimaginable to me.

The ONE Thing:

Once I REALLY dove into marketing, I began to realize I could systematize my client attraction. This opened up a whole new world to me! I always thought it was “one of” my many things to do, but because I could never make it work, I didn’t focus on it. Previously, I never had a systematized, scalable system, but once I got ONE working automated funnel- EVERYTHING changed.

I went from “running my business” from the inside to stepping just outside to get perspective. I began creating automated funnels to bring the RIGHT customers and employees to my cleaning business.

The Secret to the Client Attraction Funnel:

So… how do you create this automated client attraction funnel? Start with some money basics. How much is a perfect prospect worth today? First month? Lifetime value?

Once you know this, you know how much you can spend to attract a client. Most people don’t know this and/ or are afraid to spend money to get clients. They even BRAG about ONLY getting repeat and referral! Repeat and referrals are a great way to grow a business SLOWLY with NO control!

The framework starts with understanding who your PERFECT prospect is (not anyone who has or might ever give you money!). What is their pain? Where do they go to solve it? What is it costing them personally? You MUST transition out of “providing service” to solving pain and/ or bringing pleasure!

Once you have their pain, create a 100% risk free, “I’d have to be an IDIOT not to do this” type of offer. Solve their problem for free or make them a “too good to be true” offer. Also, be sure to make them better than whole when something goes wrong.

MAGIC ALERT: The key to ALL marketing is JUST knowing how to communicate their pain back to them and make them an irresistible offer to solve it. You should COMPLETELY skip telling the potential client how great YOU are. They ONLY need to know you understand their pain and have a path to solve it. Once they have that THEY will decide you are amazing which is always the truth. YOU telling them you are amazing is always a lie!

Believe it or not, that’s all of the heavy lifting! Once you are able to communicate your customers’ pain to them so they KNOW you understand them, and make a no brainer offer, it’s just a matter of automating a way to get that message to your perfect prospects. This content is a perfect example of me communicating your pain back to you. NOW all of the things that never worked before (call now for a free estimate) CAN WORK.

Something That Works (even when you don’t):

The beauty of an automated client attraction system is that it works even when you don’t. You can start being REALLY picky about the clients you accept. ONLY people that don’t complain about price, or anything and you LOVE to service. You can even fire BAD customers you thought you had to take! Once you can scale up client attraction, the cleaning business is pretty easy and you can absolutely build a million dollar cleaning business in 12 months with just ONE good funnel and (ideally) a couple good traffic sources!

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