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Episode 843

How to Go From Entrepreneurial Startup to Business Owner: Episode 843


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Episode 843 – How to Go From Entrepreneurial Startup to Business Owner: Episode 843

Today on the podcast, we have Tracey and Lindsay chatting about the typical mindset of an entrepreneur. So much of the grit and determination that helps an entrepreneur be successful can start to backfire if it leads to burnout. Listen today as they chat about how to shift that mindset to a place that helps you get forward momentum instead of feeling like you’re the one who has to do everything.

A Shift in Thinking

It’s so easy to get caught up thinking you are the one who has to be doing everything for it to be done right. The truth is, that this mindset is the enemy of growth. As long as you aren’t willing to let go of anything, your business will be unscalable. Instead of finding a way to be responsible for every detail of your business, your goal should be to create scalability. You do this by hiring a team of people who share your core values and are working towards the same goals. This allows you to focus on growth as they see to the day-to-day tasks involved in running a business.

First Steps to Making Your Business More Scalable

So what are the first steps you should take to make your business more scalable? The first thing you need to ask yourself is- “what are the things I dislike the most that I can offload to someone else?” Maybe it’s payroll, maybe it’s scheduling. Whatever it is, start doing your research on the best way to outsource that task. For some, it’s getting an app or software that does it for you, for others, it’s hiring a person. Whatever takes that load off your shoulders is the best option for you.

When You’re Ready to Set up Your Business for Success

You’ll start to find as you begin to offload some of your tasks that there are still things slipping through the cracks. This is almost always because of a lack of effective systems and processes in your business. This is where an experienced business coach can really help to fill in those holes and help you set up your business in a way that it can scale the way you want it to. If you decide you want that person to be Mike, sign up for a call today as he has been on the phone. You’ll be able to talk to him directly about what your business needs. 

Final Takeaway: Switching your mindset from an entrepreneur to a business owner is necessary to create a scalable business. 

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