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Episode 812

How to Get Your Mindset Right Around Your Sales Process Part 2: Episode 812


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Episode 812 – How to Get Your Mindset Right Around Your Sales Process Part 2

Hi Cleaning Nation. Welcome to the podcast. In our last episode, we listened to the beginning of a workshop Tracey did about selling and how to do it most effectively. She brought a fellow cleaning company owner on with her and began to coach her through a recent bid she had done that she felt didn’t go very well. Listen in to hear the second part of that coaching session and learn the mistakes she made that-if fixed- would make it much more likely that she’d get the bid next time. Listen in to see if you are making any of the mistakes she did and how to fix them!

Don’t Lose Your Personal Connection

One mistake this cleaning owner made was losing the initial personal connection she had with the decision-maker. She began working with an administrator who the owner recommended. Still, Tracey recommends pushing to stay in front of the owner since they are the one who will ultimately make the decision. Another way she distanced herself was by sending the big over email instead of in person. Tracey recommends you NEVER send a bid over email. You always present it to them in person by first laying out all that you will do for them and how you will solve their pain, and then showing them the pricing.

To Be Effective in Sales You Have to Ask for What You Need

Bidding can be really competitive. Especially if everyone is just submitting their bids in writing then it comes down to pricing. If you are higher, you won’t get the bid. Period. But to be effective, you really have to get comfortable asking for what you need to make a bid effectively, and the biggest part of that is having a requirement that the decision-maker be there when you place the bid.

Don’t Ever Leave a House Without an Answer

There is a game that is played when bidding. And if they don’t answer you from a distanced form of communication like email, it’s because they aren’t going to answer you. But if you aren’t doing it the right way and having the conversation in person, you shouldn’t ever leave the house or the building without an answer. And if the answer is yes, without a credit card number. That is just how you have to play to be competitive in these situations. Not only that, but you are being the authority and telling them why they need you and why it’s time to make a decision. It will allow you both to be on the same page and have a professional, honest working relationship from the beginning.  

Final Takeaway: When placing bids, always get in front of the decision-maker and don’t leave until the decision has been made. 

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