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Episode 280

How to Get Your First Few Cleaning Accounts: Episode 280: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 280 – How to Get Your First Few Cleaning Accounts

3 Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Cleaning Business

Today we’re chatting with Tim Romero!

Tim is looking to ramp up his lead generation for his cleaning business. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about, since leads really are the lifeblood of your cleaning  business. Every lead has the potential to be a recurring client that pays you month after month possibly for years to come.

There are three main ways to generate leads, all of them with their pros and cons.

#1 The Old School Method  – Cold Canvassing & Calling

This method has worked for decades. It is time tested and proven. The great thing about walking up to local businesses or cold calling, is that you don’t need any experience to do it. You can get started right away and it costs you ZERO money to do. Even the most cash strapped cleaning entrepreneur can start drumming up business just by dialing and smiling.

All that being said, there are some major cons in this lead generation method.

The first major con is that it is just not scalable. As your business grows, you’ll be wiser to spend your marketing money on scaling one of the two options below versus hiring pro telemarketers to smile and dial for you. You CAN do it, but it is usually not the best route once you actually have some marketing money to play around with.

The other con is that most people who start on this path do it without the proper expectations. The fact is, you’re going have to go through dozens, maybe even hundreds, of cold conversations with people rejecting you before you get a customer.

The good news is, you only need a handful of customers to start investing in the other lead generation methods.

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#2 Advertising

Advertising, just like the old school method, is something you can start right away without having any experience. Advertising is where you find a publication, or somewhere that has gathered your ideal target audience, and you advertise your cleaning service in that magazine or newspaper or wherever it happens to be.

These publications already did the hard work in getting an audience for you to market to, but you need to avoid the common pitfalls cleaning entrepreneurs encounter with advertiser. That pitfall is usually weak messaging.

Instead of talking about how long your cleaning company has been around or how great it is, instead talk about pain points in your advertisement. Maybe your ideal clients feel like they need to micromanage everything their cleaning company does, message how they won’t need to do that with you and you’ll create a much more solid ad.

Another pro of advertising is that it is scalable somewhat in you can keep buying ad spots in multiple publications if they’re working for you, to the point where you’ll have a small army of advertisements eventually generating leads for your company.

The major downside here? It costs money. Sometimes A LOT of money. That is why you need to make sure your messaging is on point for this to succeed long term.

Resource Alert: Advertising Cleaning Services https://oldsite.growmycleaningcompany.comadvertising-cleaning-services/

#3 Creating Systems

This is by far my favorite.

This is where you create content (just like I do here) that speaks to your target audience and solves pains they’re experiencing. This could be blog posts, podcasts, videos or even live meetups you host and could include content like 5 Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring Cleaning Companies.

Anything that speaks to their pain.

The drawback with this strategy is that it is a long term strategy. You likely won’t be generating any leads from this for the first 2-6 months. If you stick with it though, eventually this scales the best because each piece of content will keep bringing in leads for you years after you were done writing that content.

If you’re just starting out, choose one of the first two methods while also doing this method. As you gain more clients, you can stop method 1 or 2 and focus fully on creating systems that will magnetically PULL people to your cleaning company 24/7.

Alright, let’s dive into the Lightning Round!

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Believing in yourself.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Not doing something sooner to grow your business.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Don’t do yourself a disservice. Recognize what your worth is. Have any questions? Leave a comment below!
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